Castle: Season 4 Finale “Always” Review


What a season finale that was, right, Castle fans? Before we even begin here, I wanted to apologize for the delay in posting this. I also wish I could have watched it once more to catch all the details, but I’ve been trying to fight off this dengue fever and it has not been a fun experience thus far. At least I had that amazing episode last night to cheer me up and I have to say that, even though season 4 had its ups and downs, it went out with a bang.

I admit I had my reservations about ‘Always’before it aired because I was afraid that Marlowe was just yanking our chain and would pull the rug from right under our feet just as the episode was ending. Thank god that wasn’t the case and our favorite will-they-won’t-they couple finally came to their senses and stopped fighting their obvious feelings for each other. But before that happened, a lot came to pass and we have a lot to discuss before squealing about that beautiful scene that made caskett shippers all over the world explode in rainbows and butterflies (myself included).

First, I loved how easily Castle and Beckett jumped back to their old flirty banter after Kate set the record straight in ‘Undead Again’. That opening scene was just so easygoing and reminiscent of that season 2 back and forth, except that this time it had real promise that something was actually going to happen between them. After all, even if nothing had happened related to her mother’s murder, they were still going to have a date at his loft and things were just heading towards the right direction the entire time.

Then of course, everything got shot to hell and Beckett got obsessed again about solving her mom’s case. I was surprised with Espo’s reaction, though. I thought he would try to stop her so it really came as a shock that he was the one encouraging her to pursue it. In a way it was good that he did because he had her back, but at the same time it got her in trouble because they all know how Kate is when it comes to this investigation and how she won’t let go unless something radical stops her (like a bullet to the heart). So, yeah, I was a little baffled by that and heartbroken that, in the end, it caused a rift in his partnership with Ryan (who only did the right thing and ended up saving Beckett’s life).

Of course there was the whole sniper guy on the loose thing, but I think we can all agree that the major focus of this episode was Castle and Beckett’s relationship. From the first scene with them agreeing to do a movie marathon together, to Castle supporting her when they found out their victim had broken into Montgomery’s house, until their explosive fight halfway through the episode, it was all about them.

The fight scene in particular was probably my favorite and not even because of what the argument was about. What I loved the most about that scene was Nathan Fillion’s heartbreaking performance that made me tear up when he did and it was just beyond brilliant. Nathan delivered his very best performance thus far in ‘Always’and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was nominated for an award. It was just beautiful to watch. That and the fact that they finally laid all their cards on the table and there are no more secrets. Finally.

Then they were over and suddenly Beckett was chasing her sniper and fighting (and losing badly) with him on the roof and then she was nearly falling and it took that to make her realize she loves Castle and wants to be with him and needs to do something about it. Not that I’m not happy that she finally saw the light, but what was this? Something like, the hundredth time is a charm? Nevertheless, it was a really nice scene and I especially enjoyed that Ryan saved the day. And Gates was pretty useless. Again. Yeah, an entire season later and I still don’t see the point of that character. Then she suspended Beckett and Espo and Kate resigned and Ryan was left all alone and I have no idea how this dynamic is going to work in season 5.

It seems that Marlowe was all about the parallels in this episode, though; the fight scene and the one with Kate on the swings were pretty obvious. I didn’t mind the ‘we’re over’parallel in the first one, but was I the only one who thought the swings scene was completely and utterly unnecessary? I mean, I get it. It adds dramatic effect that she showed up on his doorstep soaking wet in the middle of a thunderstorm, but still, it feels like they wasted precious seconds showing that glimpse of a scene.

Then of course, she is kissing him and telling him all she wants is him and all is puppies and butterflies and rainbows and happiness in our caskett shipper hearts. I loved the way that scene was shot, the editing, the lighting, everything was perfect. I thought the thunder was a teeny tiny over the top, but it doesn’t matter because they lived happily ever after at least during the hiatus.

Oh, and there was the sniper threatening Mr. Smith and saying he is going to kill Beckett, but I think I speak for most of us when I say who cares? Castle and Beckett are finally together!

Anyway, yeah. What did you guys think of the finale?


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