Cate Blanchett Lip-Syncs “You Don’t Own Me” at a Drag Show

It’s pretty hard to not like Cate Blanchett.  I mean if you equate her to some of the characters she’s played in movies I can see where there might be an “elitist” kind of a vibe.  But as long as you detach yourself from the roles she plays what you see in a real life is an extremely intelligent, talented, and overall, solid individual.  But if there’s one thing you probably didn’t think about Cate Blanchett, it’s that she’d by lip syncing at a Drag Show.

According to a few clips that have made their way onto the internet Blanchett lip-synced Dusty Springfield’s “You Don’t Own Me” and Adele’s “Hello.” Blanchett is currently performing in The Present on Broadway and in Carol.   The real question is if the Oscars will get a hold of this clip in tie to convince Blanchett to repeat her performance.

While Blanchett herself wasn’t technically in drag, she brought the house down here.  I’m a huge fan of when you see celebrities pop up and make surprise appearances at events like this.  I feel like we’re getting a lot more of that lately and I hope the trend continues.

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