Cats Movie Gets a Fan Trailer That’s Just Well: You Watch It

So, it wasn’t enough that we HEARD about a version of Cats with buttholes, but we had to SEE it? This fan trailer was obviously made for fun, but the details in the clip are enough to just make a person cringe since the addition of buttholes to human/cat hybrids, even those wearing pants no less, is something that might have been best left off of any screen since it just kind of ramps up the cringe and makes a person wonder why in the world this project was ever made in the first place. And adding nipples to some of cats, and a butthole to the moon? Yeah, someone was having WAY too much fun with it and kind of went overboard. Oh yes, there is such a thing, even if it’s funny there is such a time when there’s just too much that’s been done to a trailer and it’s kind of time to sit back and realize that you’ve gone off into the deep end a bit and might need to dial it back for a moment. Cats was the kind of project that really should have been given more thought as to who they were using, what they were doing, and why, oh why would anyone in their right mind think that it was a good idea for a big screen movie. It’s been great on Broadway for so long that one might think that this is where it should have stayed, but obviously second thoughts don’t matter much these days.

Fascination with this part of the body is pretty natural when you’re a child, just getting to know your body, and obviously fascination with this part of your body is still fairly interesting to some people as they grow up, or at least grow older. But why, oh why, is this such an issue in a movie where human/cat hybrids are creepy enough without needing to be entirely anatomically correct? Apparently someone felt that the missing details needed to be added in and, to be fair, someone went to a lot of trouble to put the holes where they went without forcing them to shift too much so it looked as though any of the characters had an unnatural opening on a limb or other part of their body. Yeah, that would have been doubly creepy and even more laughable than it already is. But Cats was a big enough bomb in the theater as many were already predicting, so adding in the ButtholeCut as people came to refer to it as was a huge joke that has kind of run its course and therefore is likely to keep circulating for a while as people continue to get a laugh from it and work the idea for more material down the line. Mike Reyes of CinemaBlend has more to say on this topic. Hey, that’s how social media and the public work, they’ll worry at something like a dog with a bone until they finally get the last little bit of it they can use.

It’s hard not to shudder upon looking at the finished product all on its own, but thinking that someone just had to go back and edit in all those buttholes is laughable and kind of cringe-worthy at the same time since someone actually sat there and made sure that every o-ring was just perfect for the shot and wouldn’t jiggle around too much while the trailer was going. Oh yes, that sounded horrible, but when you think about it those that make these videos either go for humor and don’t make something passable or they go for accuracy as well as humor and make it appear just as realistic as they can. The fact that someone sat there and edited the trailer over and over to make sure that those puckered openings were just right is enough to make a person close their eyes and wonder aloud “why?”, since there’s really no other reason for other than the fact that someone could so they did. That’s actually the only real reason for making the movie in the first place since it did so horribly that it was kind of obvious that a ButtholesCut shouldn’t even be a consideration, much less a reality. Nate Jones of Vulture has his own opinion on this subject. There are definitely times when an idea needs to be examined and re-examined by those that are in charge and those that can help from making an egregious mistake, and someone obviously dropped the ball on this one.

Even taking a step back and attempting to look at this objectively doesn’t help since it still looks like a mess that was only made worse by adding more mess on top of it. Someone really wasn’t thinking when they did this and might have been running on autopilot, laughing all the while as they affixed one butthole after another to the characters that were in the main line of sight. In any case, it’s enough to make you go ‘huh?’.

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