CBS Cancelations Include Surprises; Pick-ups Not So Surprising

CBS has held the honors of having some of the most ratings loaded shows on network television over the past several years and have therefore been quick to cancel under-performing shows. However, the network still managed to provide a few surprises to day when it announced seven canceled shows. This following yesterday when they announced the pick-up of six new shows, none of which were very surprising at all.

The canceled shows announced today included veterans The Ghost Whisperer, Numb3rs, Cold Case, Gary Unmarried, and The New Adventures of Old Christine. Also canceled were freshman shows Accidentally on Purpose and Miami Medical. The biggest surprise was The Ghost Whisperer, which wins the ratings in it’s Friday night time slot nearly every week, and has been one of the few shows on that night to perform well for any network. The other surprise is The Adventures of Old Christine, a show that has managed to be on the bubble just about every season since it launched but somehow always seems to get a renewal. The show was expected to get a renewal this year by many, showing that CBS is sending a serious message to its advertisers about the faith they have in their new pick ups. In the past two years ABC has expressed interest in picking Old Christine up, should CBS have canceled it, however whether they still have such an interest is unknown at this time. The other canceled shows weren’t quite as surprising, considering the high expectations ‘The Most Watched Network” has for it’s series. Especially in the case of Miami Medical, which premiered as a mid-season replacement in April and has had lousy ratings.

On the pick up side of things, CBS announced yesterday, to no surprise, that the highly anticipated Hawaii Five-O will hit the small screen next season, as will the Tom Selleck starring family cop show Blue Bloods. Also a part of the announcement was the Chuck Lorre comedy Mike and Molly, a legal drama called The Defenders, and the untitled Criminal Minds spinoff that will star Forest Whittaker. And finally, the other anticipated pilot and twitter phenomenon, Sh– My Dad Says was picked up, which features some of the most brilliant casting of the season thus far, with William Shatner playing the part of the bold and say-it-like-it-is father.

The CBS Upfront presentations begin tomorrow and more details on these new shows as well as the full CBS schedule for the 2010 Fall Season should be available then. Check back with TVOvermind for all of the details!


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