Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with this Leprechaun Clip Starring Jennifer Aniston

Today is St. Patrick’s day which for most of us is an excuse to wear green, put food coloring in everything to make it green, and to drink until we see green.  While police officers in Manhattan join in the fray on the one day of the year it seems you’ll have a very hard time getting arrested by an NYC cop, I am here, writing this stuff so that you can be entertained until the bell rings and you are off to your own St. Patrick’s day festivities.

In order to get the party started I felt it would be appropriate to share a clip from one of the worst but most classic “Irish” films of all-time: Leprechaun.  It will always be remembered for launching the career of Jennifer Aniston and giving all of us nightmares from Warwick Davis’s “I’m the Leprechaun” line that’s been repeated ad nauseum over the decades.

But let’s start off St Paddy’s day with a clip of little Leprechaun getting a little leg feel on Aniston while he hides under a car.  The clip itself is called “a nice leg caress.”  How special.

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