Celebrities Who Turned Out to Be the Worst Neighbors

You might think it’s grand to be next door neighbors to a celebrity if it ever happens, but sometimes the opposite is true when you find out just what they’re like. On stage or onscreen they might be great, they might seem like the most wonderful person in the world. But when they get away from the general public some of them become downright nasty. It’s a wonder that anyone continues to cheer, watch, or listen to them any longer once such stories come out, but according to some celebrities a lot of us are sheep and will go wherever we’re directed.

I don’t see any wool going over my eyes.

5. Justin Bieber

It’s not much a secret that Biebs has been going for a bad boy image for a while now since he’s still young but obviously not as innocent as he might have once been. The little wannabe tough guy has been seen throwing eggs at his neighbors before and for the most part making other people’s lives miserable. I guess he missed the part of growing up when you had to take responsibility for your actions.

4. Chris Brown

This guy should be thanking his lucky stars, however many remain, that he’s not in jail at this moment. That being said he was a lousy neighbor many say because he would actually hold dog races in the public hallway of an apartment building and show utter disregard and disrespect for the other tenants. Not only is this highly illegal but the worst thing to probably happen was that he got fined.

3. Axl Rose

Rock stars aren’t accountable for their actions, didn’t you know that? Apparently one of Axl’s neighbors didn’t when she complained to him about the noise coming from his apartment. He took it far enough that he should have been called out and arrested for assault when he took her keys and threw them out in the street and then smashed a wine bottle over her head. But hey, he’s famous.

2. James Franco

Neighbors described him as highly inconsiderate and borderline invasive as he would hold parties and meeting aplenty at his home and usually ended up using the entire street and the neighbors’ front lawns for his meetings. So the trick is when you buy a home you stay on your own property, you don’t get to just “borrow” other people’s front lawns when you feel the need.

1. Taylor Swift

Usually when you own beachfront property you don’t actually own the beach. But somehow Swift found a loophole in the law that said she could. And so she built her little wall to discourage people using HER beach. And when they still moped around she made it clear that she didn’t want anyone trespassing so it became legally her own private beach. Not cool Taylor.

So yes, celebrities can be horrible neighbors and in many ways horrible people. The idea of being able to do whatever you want and buy whatever you want is a little ridiculous in some cases. Sooner or later they might even end up buying things that have no real price on them, like air, or water.


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