Characters Game of Thrones Simply Cannot Kill off in the Season 7 Finale

This is it folks. For almost another year and a half to two years this is IT. The finale of Game of Thrones is coming up and at this point you’ve got to wonder just who’s going to make it and who’s going to be shown the final curtain. We all know who we want to see live and die, but we also know that the Game of Thrones just doesn’t work like that all the time. Those that are most deserving of death are those that tend to stick around, and those that you don’t want to see go are the ones that tend to die first.

So let’s start with who needs to stay.

Jon Snow

After all he’s been through thus far he really needs to stick around. No matter what’s going on with Arya and Sansa and Littlefinger in the north, he needs to stick around and sort that mess out. Plus, if the dip in the ice couldn’t kill him, thanks to Uncle Benjen, then a confrontation with Cersei and Jamie shouldn’t be the end of him. The King in the North needs to remain a strong figure until the next season.

Daenerys Targaryen

You’re kidding, right? After all she’s been through and all she’s done Dany is one of the few figures that should actually remain for good or ill. She’s proven that she’s capable of growth so far and it’s possible that she might grow even further as a queen in the times to come.


Confusing isn’t it? A lot of people don’t care about Bronn one way or another, but he’s a wild card that shouldn’t be discarded so soon. He can do a lot of good for one side or the other if they choose to value him the way he believes he deserves.

The Hound

If he does go at all it needs to be fighting the zombified husk that used to be his brother. The Clegane War should come near the mid to endpoint of the finale if it happens at all and if the Hound actually goes down it should be around the same time as his kin.

Jorah Mormont

There’s more there I think. He survived greyscale, thanks to Sam, and has been by Dany’s side for as long as she’s permitted it. Jorah can’t go now with so much left to do.

Ser Davos

He’s Jon’s right hand man and most trusted advisor. He can’t go out now simply because he’s one of the wisest people there, not to mention the most level-headed.

Jamie Lannister

There’s another surprise. Jamie is caught up in a web spun by his wicked sister and made to play to her tune in a manner that is unbecoming for a character such as his. He needs to stick around just because and no other reason.

Tyrion Lannister

He’s been attempting to help Dany despite the fact that his sister has outplayed him at every turn, and his concern is genuine. Hopefully Dany will see that eventually.

You’ll notice I didn’t add in Cersei Lannister, Greyworm, or Euron Greyjoy. The two rulers are cancers that need to be stamped out largely because they won’t work with anyone they don’t trust, and that’s virtually everyone. Greyworm though, he is a warrior and unfortunately warriors run the risk of dying with each battle.


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