10 Things You Didn’t Know about Charles Michael Davis

Hearing that current actors grew up idolizing or even having crushes on certain other actors is nothing new but for some reason it kind of makes a lot of people grin since it makes those actors that admit as much a little easier to relate to. Charles Michael Davis isn’t a new actor but he’s someone that hasn’t yet reached the two-decade milestone despite being someone that a lot of people know about. His career to this point has been quite solid and well celebrated but there’s plenty more to come obviously since he’s not the type to just up and go away when there’s little to nothing going on at the moment. He’s the kind of actor that’s going to hustle and find something even if it’s a small gig that not a lot of people will know about and is typically for a very select audience. That’s what makes the difference between real actors and the posers however, the real ones get out there and work for it.

Here are a few things you might not have known about him.

10. He had a crush on Aunt Becky from Full House.

Let’s be completely honest and say that a few young men had a crush on Lori Loughlin at one point. She was the perfect girl-next-door type for a long time and even now she’s a very attractive woman and not just for her age. Admitting something like this is pretty easy since not only did a lot of guys like her, she’s worth liking.

9. He suffered a condition that turned muscle to bone.

The condition is known as myostis ossificans and it is quite literally the calcification of muscular tissue, which turns it as hard and unbending as bone. You would think that this might be something made up for a movie but if you do the research on it there’s plenty to see and it is a very real condition.

8. If he wasn’t acting he’d be a chef.

At least he has a direction that he’d be going in if he wasn’t in the spotlight. Who knows, he might even show up eventually on a professional cooking show for a celebrity episode just for fun. Now it’s a question of how good a cook he is.

7. He got caught urinating in public.

Guys don’t lie about this, a lot of us have probably found the need to unzip and just relieve ourselves outdoors when we’ve felt the need. Charles needed to largely because the toilet he was trying to use had a person already passed out over it, rendering it kind of unusable at that moment. Unfortunately he did get caught when he attempted to find alternate means of relief.

6. He was caught shoplifting when he was 10 years old.

Apparently he got caught trying to steal a pair of headphones. It’s not always a failing of the parents on this account since kids do tend to push limits in order to see what they can get away with. If the problem isn’t corrected however it’s almost like telling them that it’s okay if they don’t get caught. Thankfully someone got the point across to Charles.

5. He starred on The Originals.

For a spinoff, The Originals was actually able to exceed expectations for a while since it wasn’t quite as horrible as some other spinoffs have been in the past. For all that vampire shows have been on the wane throughout the last couple of years this one did manage to gain enough attention to be pretty popular.

4. He’s been in Grey’s Anatomy.

Grey’s Anatomy has been one of the leading medical dramas for some time and there’s no doubt as to why since it’s also been one of the most engaging. The cast has been one of the biggest parts of this and for as long as the show has been on, even through the Heigl snafu, they’ve been top notch.

3. He’s been acting since 2005.

Charles isn’t a newbie by any means with over a decade under his belt but he’s not the venerable type either. The 2000s were a decade that saw the emergence of many upon many new actors that were intent on making their mark in Hollywood and it’s been happening at steady pace ever since.

2. He was a model at one point.

There are many gateways into acting and this seems to be one of them that a lot of people use. It makes sense actually since a lot of models rub shoulders with or are at least noticed by some of the most famous names in show business.

1. He’s done a couple other projects aside from TV and film.

He’s appeared in a web series as well as a music video. It’s not much since both roles were a one-off opportunity it seems, but at the very least it means he’s branched out a bit.

Look for him to continue being great.

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