Charlie Sheen Tries to Get Selma Blair Fired from Anger Management

FX has a lot riding on their massive deal with Charlie Sheen for his new show, Anger Management which calls for a ton of episodes, and likely a ton of money for Sheen himself. But they may end up regretting putting so much faith in a man who may or may not be diagnosably insane.

Sheen’s latest tantrum comes as a result of comments from Anger Management co-star Selma Blair. The actress said that Sheen was a “menace” to work with, and when Sheen found out, demand she be fired and refused to even keep filming while she was around.

There’s no word on what exactly caused this rift, if it was a specific incident or just the general Sheen aura of crazy, but if we’re going to hear both sides of the story, it would seem like Blair would be the more trustworthy source given the past history of the former party.

Apparently Sheen is already trying to line up a replacement for Blair if he does manage to get her off the show: Mila Kunis. The actress is dating the guy who replaced him on Two and a Half Men, Ashton Kutcher, and Sheen reportedly is willing to pay her $1M an episode to appear for a ten episode arc. That’s one hell of a guest starring role.

Though Kunis has turned into something of a major movie star, $1M an episode is nothing to sneeze at, though I suppose we should know how many of those episodes will require a love scene with Charlie Sheen.

Again, maybe the show will be good, but I’m not sure it was wise of FX to invest so much into Sheen at this stage in his career.

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