10 Things You Didn’t Know About “Chasing The Cure”

Chasing The Cure

There is a massive imbalance in the health sector that has over the years been to blame for unwarranted deaths. People have lost their lives, succumbing to diseases and infections that are treatable after receiving wrong treatments due to misdiagnosis. Furthermore, others have suffered much under the torture of strange conditions, yet they cannot receive health care on account of their poor economic status. It is justifiable to say that top quality health care is only within reach of the well up in society.

In light of this mayhem, Ann Curry, a very experienced journalist with a soft spot for humanity sort to reduce this imbalance. She has established a real-life show where people with strange illnesses and health conditions can seek health advice on their conditions and get the medical help they need. Curry has brought hope to the suffering in the name of “Chasing the Cure” show. The first episode of the first season hit the screen on the 8th of August 2019 live on TNT and TBS. According to Curry, the show seeks to connect people from all diverse walks of life with undiagnosed illness to health specialists that can help them out with their issues. Here are some facts that you probably had no idea about the show.

1. The Cast

Ann Curry hosts the show as the leading cast member. She further adds a panel of highly specialized medical personalities. Some of the medical specialists featuring in the show include Bon Ku who works at Thomas Jefferson University as an assistant dean for Health and design. He is also practices emergency medicine. He is notably an award-winning doctor, having been the recipient of the Alliance Art of Healing Award back in 2006. James Pinckney II, who is the founder and CEO Diamond Physicians Board Certified Family Medicine Physician, will also feature in the panel. Finally, Sheila Sahni, MD, who is an interventional Cardiologist at Garden State Heart Centre in New York, will also feature. The patients to be attended to will also appear as cast members.

2. The Producers

The show will be produced under the umbrella of Warner Media Entertainment and will have 10 episodes. The producing team will consist of highly experienced individuals such as Kim Body, a former award-winning journalist and former starfish media group executive as the executive producer. She will work alongside Stevan Garcia, who will be the co-executive producer. Other producers will be, Rhet Bachner, Kara Kurcz and Brien Meagher.

3. It is not a Monetary-oriented Show

Most televised or digitally distributed shows always have a profit gaining idea as the major denominator in the background. No matter how educative or how much fun they seem to offer, their success is majorly determined by the profits gained from the same. However, with the “Chasing the cure” show it is not about money. According to Parade.com, Ann Curry reveals that the show’s sole aim is for the humanitarian purpose, which is the highlight of her reputation. All the show seeks is to help solve existing medical mysteries and help patients with these severe conditions connect with doctors.

4. It incorporates both digital and broadcast space

Ann curry acknowledges the power of the digital space such as social media and the internet and successfully integrates it with her field of specialization, the broadcast media. Ann will host a panel of highly qualified doctors who will analyze data collected from social media and the show’s website. Recommending the right courses of actions for the diverse issues raised, patients will surely find refuge and relief from this show.

5. It is a Humanitarian Advocacy Initiative

Ann Curry is a renowned humanitarian who has covered humanitarian stories from all over the world. As such, the show offers a perfect platform for her to fight for the wellbeing of these patients. She does so by successfully assembling a panel of the best specialists to help decrease or alleviate the suffering of these patients. She acts as a beacon of hope to these souls who have suffered for far too long.

6. The show fights for Gender Diversity and inclusion in Hollywood and the Global Film Industry

Hollywood and the global film industry are excessively male-dominated. According to Women and Hollywood this show is advocating for equal opportunities for both genders in these two film entities. As such, with these two powerful women, Curry and Kim Bondays, at the helm of such a show, they will send a relentless message to these film entities. The success of this series will stamp the ability of the female gender to direct and produce influential shows and films.

7. It Advocates for Medical Consultations

The show will instill a spirit of medical consultation between specialists. “Chasing the Cure” show will bring into light peculiar medical conditions affecting the patients. As such, medical organizations and institutions will be forced to join up in research to develop cures for these conditions.

8. It was Well Embraced by the Medical Society

The show has been received well and embraced by the medical society. Ann Curry’s reputation as a humanitarian ensured that the show was judged righteously and accepted by this society as an initiative to better human lives. There are even medical institutions that have come on board to work with the show in directing the patients on where to get help.

9. It aims to Balance the Health Systems

There is a massive imbalance in the health sector since most health care services are not accessible to people in lower social, economic standards. As such, they continue to suffer from all sorts of diseases. “Chasing the Cure” show has come to try to strike a balance by putting specialists at the disposal of the sick people in the low-class social setting. Through this platform, they can present their diseases and get expert guidance on what to do.

10. It was inspired by Social Media

Ann Curry claims that the connectivity aspect of the social media contributed immensely to the ideas of the show. She decided to use the connectivity idea to form a platform where the mystery of diseases could be solved. Consequently, the show was developed.

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