Check Out This Amazing Guitarist Playing His Star Wars Christmas Arrangement

Think Star Wars and Christmas don’t mix? Think sci fi fans don’t care much for Christmas music? Think again. This classical guitarist proves that the most ancient carols share musical elements with the iconic themes from the Star Wars universe.

Nathan Mills is an amazing guitarist, and he’s showing his Christmas spirit with his great arrangements of Star Wars themes and Christmas carols. He’s got considerable skills and talent. His medley includes all time favorites from both genres, though the juxtaposition of ancient carols and Star Wars might seem strange at first. Mills makes the music flow effortlessly in this technical and artistic mashup.

He’s got a sense of humor, too. He’s surrounded himself with all the essentials of Christmas décor. He’s got the tree, the twinkling lights, and check out the stockings hanging from the fireplace mantel… they’ll bring a smile to every Star Wars fan.

It’s always interesting to notice the unusual manicures classical guitarists wear. Mills has longer fingernails on his right hand so that he can easily pluck or strum the guitar strings. He has short fingernails on his left hand so that his fingers can depress the strings in the fret area of the guitar neck. This bit of trivia always surprises non-guitarists, as it always looks eccentric until the reason why their hands are unevenly groomed is explained.

Mills presents a well-rounded arsenal of acoustic guitar techniques. He uses the guitar body to create percussion. He raps and taps to add an extra line of musical texture with interesting rhythms. These add movement and interest underneath the melodies and harmonies he creates with the strings. He also blends plucks, strums, clicks, pops, and a wide range of expressions. From the softest sounds to the most dramatic strums, he crafts a musical whole.

His medley includes really nice arrangements of the Star Wars Main Theme, the Imperial Theme, 16 The Force Theme/Binary Sunset, Across the Stars and Duel of the Fates. These are alternated with Little Drummer Boy, Angels We Have Heard On High, Silent Night, O Holy Night, and Carol of the Bells. His selections flow effortlessly from one to the next because he has created brilliant transitions which require little or no extra notes. He’s used excellent voice leading so that the notes from one piece are leading tones for the piece that follows. The medley is seamlessly woven together in this way.

For lovers of all things Christmas and Star Wars, this video is a blissful moment to savor both. A close listen is a given, as its all perfectly performed. A closer look is also in order, because all the little details are in the décor. Check out Mill’s “jacket”. Notice what’s showing on the screen to the left behind him. See the line-up of characters on the fireplace mantle. Catch the collection of objects displayed on the wall behind the Christmas tree. Enjoy Mill’s t-shirt and tennis shoes. Completely savor the smile that rarely leaves his face. Mills is a musician who is completely in the zone. We get to go along with him on his Star Wars Christmas.

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