Check Out James Corden’s Disturbing Encounters in ‘Kanye Westworld’

It’s simply disturbing that James Corden would actually wander into a place called Kanye Westworld. If the real Westworld is breaking down, then Kanye Westworld is skipping tracks every other beat and attempting to reset itself continually as the nonsense continues to get deeper. It’d be so easy and so tempting to compare this to Kanye West and his strange mood swings at time but in the spirit of being judicious let’s just say that a Kanye Westworld would be less of a dangerous place and more prone to fits of the kind that you wouldn’t understand but would simply have to endure if you happened to be anywhere in the general vicinity when it happened.

In Westworld the glitches that have come along and caused some of the hosts to wake up and realize they’re being programmed have proven quite fatal to some of the guests and even those that run the show. But in Kanye Westworld it simply seems as though spewing nonsense is the order of the day and it’s scary enough that it would make someone run without thinking whether or not they’re truly in danger. Even if the man in black showed up in his younger form and started explaining things a lot of people would still light out and never come back. After all who’d want to be stuck in a program with an obvious glitch where anything could happen? Even if the hosts weren’t allowed to hurt the guests it’d still be something that might scare the living daylights out of people should it ever happen. It’d kind of be like the figures on a video game starting to wig out as you’re trying to play, but on a much grander scale obviously.

Westworld is the ultimate experience since it doesn’t rely so heavily on VR and it’s entirely sustainable since the hosts are able to be patched up, returned to the game, and then allowed to be ravaged by the guests once again. They don’t remember a thing, or at least they didn’t up until now. In Kanye Westworld that glitch seems like it might be an ongoing thing that guests simply have to deal since breakdowns could be a normal part of the park. Kanye is kind of an erratic fellow at times, but having an entire park named after him because of it is, well, pretty funny. He’s not so over the top that people have lost faith in him altogether, but he’s certainly out there enough that not everyone knows what’s going to come out of his mouth at any given moment. That’s pretty much why the premise of this clip works since you can simply imagine Kanye popping up somewhere and reciting the same lines as the other characters as the glitch continues.

In the real Westworld you’d be dead or creeped out to the point of a breakdown. In Kanye Westorld you’d likely be creeped out but also kind of annoyed that your vacation is being ruined in such a manner.

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