Check Out Sean Astin’s Original Goonies Audition Tape

It’s at least a little bit amusing to think that the Sean Astin we have today is the kind of guy he’s always been since even in his audition video it appears that he was the type to focus the attention on himself a few times and do his best to take control. That’s not a negative quality really but there have been those in the past that have stated that Astin is a bit egotistical and even pushy when it comes to getting his way. Whether that’s true or not he’s definitely had the same persona that appears on the video for quite some time as he’s been a prominent actor throughout the years and has usually been seen in the role of a troublemaker at times as he’s grown. Upon becoming an adult he’s calmed down quite a bit in his roles as Samwise Gamgee was about as far from Mikey as could possibly be since Mikey enjoys the thrill and the risk of a good treasure hunt while Sam wanted to return to the Shire and the security he had at home, at least in the beginning. For much of his career Sean was definitely a certain type of actor and as he’s aged he’s mellowed out a bit, but people are still happy to see him most times and feel his loss acutely if his character happens to die in a show. Yes of course I’m speaking of Stranger Things, and it’s certainly not too soon since Bob’s been dead and gone for an entire season.

As a product of the 80s, when he really started getting big thanks to the Goonies, Sean has hung on to his career for a long time now and has been fairly successful throughout the years as he’s kind of come and gone with a few trends and then kind of disappeared for a short while before coming back. The fame from the Goonies has stuck with him and a few of the others for a while obviously and he’s been one of those that has been fully on board with bringing a sequel to the cherished movie, though nothing has happened as of yet. He’s also been one of those that has said that a sequel won’t be coming, as he and a couple of other actors have flip-flopped on the subject for whatever reason. A number of people wanted to bring up how Goonie-esque season 2 of Stranger Things was, almost as an homage to the classic movie, but in truth if the Goonies had had to deal with the Upside Down during their quest for One-Eyed Willie’s treasure, things might have gone a lot differently. Of course the reference was due more to the kids plotting a map to the tunnel system beneath Hawkins and Bob’s affinity for maps and nothing else really, but it was enough for some folks to go grasping at straws.

Following Astin’s career isn’t too hard since he’s stayed pretty busy and has done quite a bit of voice acting. This could be why it appears that he falls off the map every now and then since we don’t see him, but if one is listening close enough it’s possible to hear him in a lot of different voices that he’s been given to play with over the years, from children’s cartoons to DC, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and even a short stint with Marvel. He hasn’t been lax in his career and he definitely hasn’t lost the energy that he’s given to nearly every project he’s worked on. If anyone remembers he has worked on a few projects with Adam Sandler in the recent past, and he has been a prominent face in Hollywood for quite some time, though there are likely a few faces that people will remember the most since Mikey, Rudy, and Samwise stand out among the greatest given the level of emotion and nostalgia that exists with each performance. Something about Astin makes it hard to forget him since like it or not, he’s not the greatest actor that ever lived, but he does have an energy to him that’s contagious in a way and makes a person believe that he’s worth watching, which he is. Obviously that same energy is what allowed him to get through this audition since confidence hasn’t always been his biggest trait, but determination and a dogged pursuit of what he’s after has likely kept him in the game and will continue to serve him well in the years to come.

He does have a few projects that he’s been working on apparently according to his resume, but like everyone else he’s going to have to keep them on hold for now since the COVID-19 virus isn’t quite done as of yet.

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