Check Out Star Wars Fan Film ALONE: Stormtrooper on the Run

Sith Stormtrooper

So is a stormtrooper on their own more dangerous, or less? A lot of people might claim the latter since even in groups they’re not seen to be all that impressive given that a hail of laser fire usually misses most of those they’re supposedly aiming at. One would think that a single stormtrooper, especially on their own, in stark white armor on the forest moon of Endor, would be in seriously dire straits the moment they woke to realize they were alone. How the Ewoks would miss one following the battle isn’t hard to figure out since there had to be a lot of cleanup that came after and a few bodies might have disappeared or been unaccounted for. But a lone stormtrooper wandering around the forest wouldn’t stand much of a chance when it came to survival unless they were bound to somehow remember that in the books and even the comics they’re essentially trained to be heartless, remorseless killers. The overall idea of what a stormtrooper is really like has gone back and forth throughout the years however since some believe that they’re turned into soulless killing machines for the Empire and the First Order, while others might argue that there are probably more like Finn that just want out and want to stop the fighting.

After all, the destruction of both Death Star’s and the numerous ships that were dismantled during the warring that occurred during the original trilogy have been debated when it comes to just whether or not everyone on them was inherently evil or if they were just doing what they believed was right. Stormtroopers have for this purpose been given an out in that they believe they’re fighting the good fight against a rebellion that is unlawful, which, according to laws that were on the books it was, and that they’re acting in the best interest of the galaxy. Of course that’s hard to believe considering some of the atrocities they’ve been seen to commit throughout the history of Star Wars, but again, perception is a troubling matter since when used from either side of an argument it can paint anyone out to be the bad guy. In this short video it’s definitely seen that the stormtrooper, alone and wounded, is suffering from what could only be a serious case of PTSD and is on the run from more than just any ewoks that happen to be in the area. The voices in his helmet appear to be delusions likely brought on by trauma, especially when it’s made clear that the initial voice can see him and know that he’s in a bad way. Imagining what it might have been like in such a furious battle is bad enough, but to suddenly realize that everything he’d been fighting for was gone in an instant would be even worse.

There have been discussions about this and the overall morality of those that served the Empire since in reality the lot of them weren’t as wholly evil as Darth Vader and Palpatine. There were definitely those that didn’t care about hurting people and would gladly do the bidding of their superiors without a heavy heart, but even those that had no regard for others had their own issues to deal with most times. Those troopers that were left on the Endor moon had to come to a stark realization that they were likely going to die there since the ewoks had already shown that they were willing to use deadly force, which was deemed to be perfectly okay by a lot of people since the troopers were there in the name of the Empire and had orders to kill or detain anyone that they needed to, basically stomping their way across a world with an indigenous population that didn’t appreciate their presence. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? But for all the parallels that one might find between Star Wars and real world history, one thing is pretty clear, a lone stormtrooper really isn’t all that dangerous unless they happen to be a specialist and possess the kind of motivation to stay alive that would allow them to push forward in a manner that was less fearful and more tactical. This particular trooper had obviously woke just after the end of the battle and was disoriented to the point that he was hearing voices, whether they were real or not. The image of an ewok nibbling on the corpse of a trooper was kind of grisly, but then again one has to think that the ewoks were ready to roast the rebel party that was in search of the shield generator as well after trapping them.

One thing this video proves is that Star Wars is a lot more brutal than we’ve been led to believe in the movies, as the true face of the story is one that’s far more practical and not always as glamorous.

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