Check Out The Ferrie Bueller’s Day Off Reunion with Josh Gad

Josh Gad’s show Reunited Apart has been tearing it up in its own way as it has continued to bring old casts together in order to talk about the movies, what they’ve been doing since then, and how they got suckered into making the movie as well. Realistically this was one of the best things that could happen to any of them no matter what happened on the set since they’ve all been immortalized at this point and will remain that way since the movie was something that knocked it out of the park in a big, big way. The fact that this sounds like it’s going to be Gad’s last episode for the summer isn’t that big of a tragedy since he chose to go out on a high note with Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, though it is and isn’t surprising to find out that the cast members haven’t had much to do with each other over the years. Some cast members tend to stay close and work on several movies with one another from year to year, while others tend to disperse quickly and find other things to do that don’t involve the same costars. In a very big way Ferris Bueller was a one-off that was done so well that it couldn’t have and shouldn’t have been tampered with in any way by a sequel, and it should likely be left alone when it comes to any idea of a reboot as well. Remember when it looked as though such a thing might be happening not too long ago? People actually freaked out since out of all the movies out there this is one of them that should absolutely be left as it is without anyone else attempting the same thing.

On that note the movie also gave us one of the best templates for any teen movie to ever use in the years that came after since Ferris was by far and large one of the greatest hucksters of his time and the kind of guy that everyone liked for one reason or another. He was a big talker and a smooth character that could get his way into or out of just about anything, apart from that last little confrontation with Principal Rooney when he was caught red-handed. Thankfully his sister Jeannie, played by Jennifer Grey, was there to bail him out and be an awesome sibling while getting a little bit of payback on Rooney for breaking into their home earlier in search of Ferris. That was definitely a twist that a lot of people didn’t see coming at that time since it felt as though Jeannie was just itching to drop a dime on her brother’s antics and rat him out to their parents for faking a sick day. But somehow, some way, the writers decided that Jeannie should be cool in that moment and just go with it. Of course the idea might be that she’d feel a little better knowing that she could call in that favor any time she wanted in the future, which is a good reason for a sibling to keep another sibling from getting in trouble.

Things have certainly changed though as each one of the cast members has gotten quite a bit older and Mia Sara and Jennifer Grey are actually a bit difficult to recognize. With Mia it’s actually mostly age that’s done this but with Jennifer it’s because she has had plastic surgery in the past and had her nose redone at some point. A lot of people actually took to the internet to wonder why she’d done such a thing since it took away her very distinct look that many fans had loved for so long, but unfortunately it did kind of ruin her acting career. She’s been around for a while but hasn’t had nearly the success she was having before the surgery, though at this point it’s hopeful that she’s doing well and is enjoying life. But yes, it was hard to recognize her at first, but it was fun to hear the banter between the cast and to learn what they’d been doing. With some of them it wasn’t too hard to guess since they’ve shown up in dozens of places throughout the years and their careers have been moving along steadily as they’ve taken on role after role. With a few of them however it’s been a little tougher to notice them as their reputation took a back seat after a while and they either disappeared from the spotlight or just made their way to the back of the bus so to speak. But seeing them all again was great and learning just how they’re doing is even better, as it likely gives fans a good feeling to know that despite the fact that man who brought them together passed away in 2009, they’re all still grateful for the chance to have participated in a movie that will be held in high regard for as long as possible.

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