Check Out The Final Trailer for A Quiet Place Part 2

The horror hasn’t stopped, and obviously the edge that was discovered in the first movie hasn’t been used to the extent that it’s been seen as a way to fight back just yet. When pitted against monsters that hunt by sound though, one can hardly blame people for being terrified since noise is simply a part of life no matter how quiet we try to be. One has to wonder just how anyone can be completely quiet when the human body tends to make noises that aren’t always easy to control. Plus, that brings into mind the idea that a predator, when sensing no prey about, might grow desperate and could start employing other methods to find what they seek. Imagining a group of monsters that are essentially blind when there’s utter silence all around them brings to mind the idea that they might lash out at just about anything and everything until they find out what’s a naturally recurring noise such as a waterfall and what isn’t, such as the noises that a living being makes. Normally I wouldn’t bother with the technical details of a movie, but in this instance, it’s kind of important since it goes to the plot and creates a need for a sensible explanation as to how sensitive the hearing of the creatures really is and how far their range of hearing extends. It’s already known that the feedback from a hearing aid can seriously mess them up and leave them as easy targets. But one would think that the survivors would find a way to make this work to their advantage, if only because it’s a way to fight back, to reclaim the world and a life that was brutally ripped from humanity. But there are practical details that might easily make this less than possible since the power needed to sustain the signal isn’t as readily available as it was before the invasion, meaning that unless the family possesses a portable device that can blast the feedback anytime they encounter a creature, then they would have to find another option.


The sequel looks like it might be even better than the original movie, which doesn’t happen often, since now that people know a little more about the creatures it’s likely that they’ll be wondering more about the human characters and where they might have come from and what their backstories are. Seeing Cillian Murphy and Djimon Honsou as cast members is promising, and bringing back John Krasinski for the flashbacks is uplifting as well since we’ll get to see how the fall of mankind started and what might have been happening throughout the area. One can only imagine how many deaths would result in the first few hours of the invasion since people have a tendency to be very loud when something is happening that they don’t understand. Some will yell, others will run in various directions, seeking safety, or simply to get away from the danger. In general, the chaos that would erupt from a scene such as that shown in the trailer isn’t hard to believe at all since people don’t react well to that which they don’t understand. It feels fair to say that the movie reactions might still be a little exaggerated, but overall it does feel as though people might freak out if an alien invasion did happen in real life.

Part II definitely has the look of a movie that’s going to keep people guessing since at this point there’s still not a whole lot that’s known about the creatures, other than they’re insanely deadly, hunt by sound, and are susceptible to certain frequencies. That’s not much to go on when it comes to fighting back, especially if that frequency is required to be blasting at the right moment to expose the weakness. There’s also no true gauge of how smart the creatures are either since the first movie was spent doing little more than showing how the family had to be so deathly quiet in order to stay alive. Plenty of people have torn the movie to shreds, metaphorically speaking, trying to figure out every little point that was being made, but it hasn’t managed to eliminate the need to watch and to be terrified of what’s to come. The idea to create horror movie based upon fear of creatures that are drawn by something that humans can’t always control is one that has some people rolling their eyes since the idea of remaining quiet isn’t that plausible, but it has others on board since the ability to be quiet is possible, but for long stretches of time can be a challenge for many people. Plus, as it’s shown with just about every movie, while there might be weaknesses to the things that go bump in the night, they’re typically stronger, quicker, and much more vicious than humans can contend with. But that’s what makes for a good horror flick obviously.

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