Check Out The First Indiana Jones 5 Set Photos

There are more than a few rumors floating around the idea behind Indiana Jones 5, and according to these set photos, it’s likely that even more are going to form until we get word of what’s really going on. As of now, it sounds as though another decade has flown by as this movie has been stuck in development hell for a while, and while Indy is leaving the jungle it would appear that he might be headed to the highlands or somewhere not too far removed if the set is including old, decrepit castles as part of the setting. Cool as this looks, the story behind it is going to have to be extremely convincing and the idea that Marion and Mutt don’t appear to be on the cast list. There are a few notable names that have been added to the list, but it was understood that Shia LaBeouf wouldn’t be making an appearance in this movie for reasons that differ depending on who one talks to.

As it stands, it doesn’t appear that many, if any, people have a problem with this since a lot of fans really had more of a problem when Mutt was in the movie than they did about the idea of him not coming back. But Marion would be a bit of a loss since Karen Allen was actually someone that people enjoyed given that she showed up in Raiders of the Lost Ark and she was a great character. But things have to change obviously, and what will happen in this coming movie is up for interpretation according to these set photos. It does sound as though Jones will still be working against Nazis again this time around, and it’s very likely that history will be retconned a bit once more to keep in touch with the movie and what it needs.

One of the best parts of this movie is that it will feature Mads Mikkelsen, apparently as a villain, since this is one of his most believable roles to be fair. But how things are going to go is a subject of rumor and gossip at the moment since there’s nothing concrete other than several cast members being attached to the movie and the fact that it’s happening in the first place. After spending so long in development hell it’s nice to know that something is happening, but after the initial revelation, it’s also easy to think that it’s about time for Indy to hang up the fedora and whip and call it a day. Honestly, after the last movie, it was time to do that since he’s not a young man any longer and this has been evident for a while now.

It’s not just either, it’s the fact that going after the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, and the Sankara Stones, as well as the Crystal Skull, one has to wonder what in the world he’s going to be going after this time around. And if the Space Race is a part of this movie, then some people are going to be rolling their eyes rather hard at any moment since after a while it feels as though someone is going to start making up various artifacts for Indy to keep going after just to keep this franchise going. The only problem is that since Harrison Ford is now in his 70s, one has to try and imagine what else is going to keep him going.

The guy is likely going to be in his 80s or close to it by the time the movie is released since he turns 79 this year, and while he’s still in decent shape it’s not likely that he’s going to be able to carry on with the same antics that have been popular in the other movies. Back in the day it was a lot of fun to see Indy fighting the bad guys, performing all kinds of stunts, and in general being a badass in a fedora, but those days have passed. People might not want to admit it, but watching a guy in his 70s doing all those same things isn’t going to be the same since at this time a lot of folks are going to wonder if Indy is risking a hip or back injury just by walking around the castle grounds, let alone once he gets into a fight. How believable is a fight scene going to be at this point anyway? It’s very easy to think that Indy might need to start sitting the fight scenes out, but it’s a sure bet that fans are going to say ‘hell no’ to that since they want to see if the old man has still got it. All in all, Indiana Jones 5 is going to have to bring something special if it wants to avoid going the same route as the last movie.

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