Check Out The First Trailer for Netflix’s “Jupiter’s Legacy”

It’s not that far away now, but Jupiter’s Legacy is already looking like another superhero story that’s bound and determined to keep up the cycle of unloading an expected legacy on the shoulders of another generation that might not be ready or willing to take on everything that comes with. For the longest time now people have looked at superheroes in a variety of ways, but the bottom line is that they’re necessary for the stories that have been written about them since they’re the force that stands against the worst of the worst and seeks to protect those that can’t protect themselves from various threats that are too great for humans to face. But when there are no more super-villains or threats that require a heroic touch to solve it becomes fair to say that heroes suffer because they no longer have a purpose. Jupiter’s Legacy feels as though this thought will be visited as the next generation of gifted individuals will face more mundane problems than their elders did, if only because they have no war to fight. Worse still, when the fight comes to them, they won’t be prepared since all the training in the world can’t replace the experience that comes with actually stepping onto the battlefield. And yet, many would agree that wishing for war would be a fool’s request since this would only invite more damage to the people and the world they’ve been committed to saving.

It already looks as though the case will be made in this manner since the children of the heroes profess in the trailer that they’re not ready or willing to take on this life, but it would appear that they do so anyway, and are bound to bungle it a bit to start with. The many different issues that are likely to crop up when the story hits Netflix will no doubt continue the train of thought that’s been ongoing for a while, that heroism isn’t what it used to be and society isn’t nearly as grateful as it used to be. When we sit down and examine things though it’s easy to see why in some instances and it’s still easy to see why some folks might need to remind themselves that the damage caused by heroes while attempting to save the lives of many is sometimes a tradeoff that shouldn’t need to be made but is unavoidable in various instances. Too many people have come forth to say that heroes do just as much damage, and they’re right in some ways since the truth is that there are times when the heroes of any story contribute to the massive damage that takes place when they fight the villains in populated areas.

Where people are kind of wrong is in assuming that the heroes can always take the fight to a more desirable location where fewer, if any, people will be hurt and the collateral damage won’t be nearly as horrible. In recent years it’s been seen that the feeling towards heroes is that if they’re so powerful that they should be able to guide the fights that damage so much and create such swaths of destruction to areas where the fallout won’t be that big of a deal. The truth is that most villains aren’t bound to be so good as to challenge the heroes in an open field in the middle of nowhere so that they can control the level of damage that’s about to be done. Heroes kind of have to fight wherever the villains show up, especially if the villains are intent on destroying or subjugating those that are located within the cities. In a lot of movies, it’s been seen that the villains tend to hold the cities and people in them hostage to see what the heroes will do. This of course usually ends up with the hero, or heroes, engaging with the villain then and there in order to ease the level of damage that’s about to be done. It doesn’t always work obviously, and despite how many they save, the heroes have lately been vilified by just as many as they’ve been glorified by since their powers are thought to be too great to exist in a civilized society.

That’s the plight of the hero at this time, and kind of what we’re seeing in Jupiter’s Legacy, since the kids of the heroes want little to nothing to do with their life, and aren’t ready even if they do decide that they want to take up the mantle. It’s not like it used to be when the next batch of heroes would rise up and assume the responsibility of the world from the older generation, especially since the new heroes in this project don’t appear too enthused about it. But it will make for an interesting experience no doubt.

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