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Jason Lives

There’s definitely a huge difference when it comes to fan-made movies and professional, Hollywood films that have massive budgets and well-known, big-name actors. Honestly it’s not that bad, in fact it’s kind of entertaining really since it takes the story in an interesting direction. But at the same time you can’t help but laugh at the idea and have fun with it at the same time. After all the fans that made this are definitely attempting to follow the legend while at the same time making it just as campy as it could possibly be. That’s a big part of the legend after all, being as insane and as unbelievable as possible. The acting leaves a little to be desired at first, but if you push past that then it becomes a little more enjoyable. Plus there’s the fact that this seems to be a chance to finally gain vengeance against a killer that took something from them a while back. It seems like a thin premise but it’s also something that hasn’t been attempted all that much in the past. A lot of people seem content to simply stay away from Jason and make certain that there’s at least a state or two between them and this maniac. But in this movie there’s a group actively hunting the killer in the hope that they can get payback.

Of course there’s a great deal of innuendo and sexual content since it comes with the territory, no pun intended, and has been another big part of Jason’s legend for a while now. The women are as hot as can be and dressed in clothing that’s revealing as well as suggestive in a big way, and the guys are made to look either as goofy or as buffed out as hell in an attempt to make them seem like everything from raging psychos to protectors that feel the need to run full-bore into danger without any thought as to what’s going to happen. Scott Hallam of Dread Central even highlights some of the common rules that, when broken, tend to get the kind of results that horror fans want. Don’t worry, you’ll get to watch the movie on your own without any serious spoilers from me since there is a twist to the movie that’s pretty interesting and could take the franchise off in a new direction if was ever given the chance. Something about Jason Voorhees has resonated throughout the years in a way that’s continued to draw one fan after another no matter if they’re late to the party or are just getting to know about the whole Friday the 13th story.

Perhaps one of the biggest draws about Friday the 13th, as Josh Millican from Dread Central might agree, is that Jason, despite not being the first killer or even being meant to gain such popularity, has found an identity throughout the years that people locked onto and came to enjoy with the kind of passion that’s only reserved for legends. His look and his demeanor has changed a bit throughout the years but the core aspect of the character is that he’s unstoppable, can’t be killed, and is bound to show up where you least expect him and at the worst possible moment. Even those that try to kill Jason are bound to fail since he’s worse than a force of nature, he’s simply a killer that has the type of regenerative qualities that are almost impossible to beat. It took getting dragged down to hell just to slow the guy down after all, and even that wasn’t enough since all it took was Freddy Krueger’s meddling to wake him back up. Jason is one of the most notorious killers in all of horror and it’s largely because he seems to kill just to kill, without any real purpose at times and without any well-defined enemy that has wronged him, since those individuals have gone by they wayside some time ago. Those nuts that go after him for revenge stemming from the family members or friends he’s killed are dead the moment they pursue such a path, they just don’t know it until it’s too late.

One thing you can give this fan film is that it does have some originality to it, but of course I’m not going to tell you why. It does have the predictable nature and it does have the scares and chills that a lot of people like and many would admit can’t really be taken out without ruining the whole thing in the process. But apart from what we expect there’s still the idea that something different was done by fans that are willing to take the story in a slightly different direction and explain a few things that might make some folks question the validity of it but surely not the originality. The Friday the 13th movies have been ripped up and reconfigured a few times so it’s not too hard to see how fans would want to do things their own way this time, especially considering that something new could mean something better.

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