Check Out The Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Trailer

All that waiting has definitely paid off if this is what Netflix is unveiling to the audience. Master of the Universe: Revelations looks like something that fans will be going nuts over as they wait for it to release next month, and it’s very easy to think that the internet is going to run rampant with fans putting their two cents in once they get the chance to watch it. At this time the excitement is already building since Chris Wood will be voicing Prince Adam while Hark Hamill will be taking on the voice of Skeletor, which is enough to send a lot of people into tears of gratitude since Hamill has seen his popularity rise quite a bit over the years. There will also be several other famous voices that will be taking on various roles in the show, and Kevin Smith’s buddy, Jason Mewes, will even be given the role of Stinkor. Yeah, it’s pretty funny, but it’s also something to rather proud of since this is one of the animated series that people have been waiting on for a while, and it already looks absolutely amazing.

There are quite a few of us that can remember sitting down to watch He-Man many years ago, and despite the fact that the animation has improved over the years, it was a fun show back in the day since it dealt with the types of things that kids absolutely love, and it didn’t make us think too much. It feels as though there will be plenty of thought and discussion with this coming series though, and it’s well deserved since it’s been decades since a lot of us have really managed to enjoy He-Man and those that follow him. A good number of people have likely forgotten just how awesome He-Man is and what the whole struggle for Eternia is all about. It was bound to happen since attempts to bring Masters of the Universe back over the years have been made, but obviously, they flopped for the most part until now.

Just to be fair, we don’t know what’s going to come from this version, but it already looks promising since the animation is absolutely great and the story is bound to be something that will appease quite a few fans. It’s He-Man, of course people are going to be happy, even if a lot of folks have outgrown the series, it might be something that their kids might like. With a blend of fantasy and science fiction, Masters of the Universe is one of those rare shows that came out when people were wanting to see something different and was then seen as an inspiration for a lot of shows that came after. If anyone remembers the 80s, there were several animated shows that came out within the decade that followed after one show or another in their design and story, even if they looked entirely different from one another. He-Man was definitely one of those that was unique in the design and the story, even if familiar tropes have been used over and over, including in this series.

Bringing this series into the current era still feels like it’s going to be more about the nostalgic feeling it gives those that watched the series when they were kids, if only because kids these days are still into cartoons, but the type of stuff that a lot of kids watch is far different than this. But there are high hopes that this series will make it big and not be canceled after a single season, since nostalgia has been a big thing as of late and it’s fair to say that a lot of people will get into it for a while at least just to remember what they’ve been missing for a while. Some of us had nearly the entire collection of toys, which wasn’t super-extensive, but was enough since new characters kept coming out every so often. If nothing else, this is a return to childhood in a way for a lot of fans that have been following the story for a long time.

There’s going to come a time when these old stories will finally be put to rest no doubt, and the stories that the kids of today have grown up with will be a part of the nostalgic past, and someone will be talking about it much the same way that people are now. For the moment we can be happy that one of our childhood favorites has returned, and hope that he’ll stick around for a while. Whether or not we’ll see a movie anytime soon is hard to say, but at this time it’s enough that this series will be here soon, as it’s another show that people are anticipating with great excitement.

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