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Tremors 7

Yes, Tremors now has a part 7, and for those that have been following the movies ever since the first one, Burt is back, and Jon Heder, who hasn’t done a lot of live-action work lately, will be joining him in this trip to Shrieker Island, where the graboids have continued to evolve and become even deadlier than they were in the original movie. The trick with this movie however is that the creatures have been brought to this island as a way to provide those that can afford the pleasure of hunting graboids the chance if they can pay the price. Unfortunately, the price that comes with trying to hunt graboids is usually pretty steep if a person isn’t made aware of just how dangerous they can be. Given how the creatures have changed throughout the years it’s easy to think that they’re even worse now and make the original look like a piece of cake. One might think that the world would come to an agreement that the graboids would be a menace that the world is better of without at this point since their main purpose in life appears to be to consume and destroy, though it’s also likely that at one point they were a keystone species. That’s hard for some to grasp, but it’s always a possibility since as destructive as they appear, looking at them from a human perspective is bound to make it appear as though they’re nothing less than malicious intent given form since there’s rarely been any reason given for their existence that’s absolutely definitive.

It can be said that those that enjoy the ongoing story have been given something with each new installment as the movies have kept coming out despite the idea that the first movie will always be the best. Burt Gummer has been an interesting character since the first movie, and his level of preparedness has almost always been manic enough to keep him alive, particularly when people are willing to supply him with the necessary tools to get the job done. In Tremors 2 he was given everything but a nuclear arsenal to work with, or so it appeared, and yet in the end it came down to bombing the hell out of the evolved graboids after they started replicating out of control. As many people can imagine, the antics of Burt and those around him have only increased in the last several movies as he’s taken on a couple of sidekicks, Jamie Kennedy has been one of them as he played Burt’s son. While Kennedy isn’t coming back for part seven though, Jon Heder will be providing his own services for the role of Burt’s sidekick it would appear as he steps on screen to deliver his own brand of comedy within the confines of the Graboid universe. How the two of them are going to get along is kind of hard to say since Burt’s character is one that’s hard for a lot of people to get to know. Earl and Val did this in the first movie since they all came from Perfection, where Burt and his wife Heather had created their own super-secure home/bunker that had everything they could possibly need.

Part 7 might be saved by the mere fact that the effects look as though they’ve had the benefit of had a good amount of money dumped into them and should hopefully be able to push the story a bit more since the creatures have definitely taken on a different look and the story has gone way past Perfection and into a mode that’s absolutely insane but is still attracting a large number of fans since people are still excited about the franchise. Burt did manage to take it over by the third movie since Kevin Bacon was absent in the second movie and Fred Ward called it quits after the second movie. Since then it’s been all Burt Gummer when it comes to the best hunter of Graboids, even if he is a bit off-kilter at times. Somehow he’s kept the franchise moving forward in a way that a lot of folks still feel is a bit too much since there are those that think that the movies should have stopped after the first one. It’s true that the idea of only a few Graboids being left and being located in just one localized area is kind of hard to grasp as an idea, but it’s a little easier to think that this might be possible than to think that an ancient species had remained dormant for so long before suddenly becoming active again in a world that had forgotten about them.

Whatever the case, Tremors 7 should be out this coming October, and it’s fair to say that there are plenty of people that are psyched about it.

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