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Sinister Six

Just so we get things straight the original Sinister Six consisted of Doctor Octopus, Kraven the Hunter, Electro, Mysterio, Sandman, and Vulture. They appeared in Spider-Man Annual #1 as a somewhat cohesive group since Spider-Man has amassed enough enemies that some of them have decided to team up over the years, though somehow the webcrawler has still managed to get out of the tightest jams one way or another, and one of the reasons is that villains don’t always work together in a very effective way. Their egos tend to get in the way and the honor of killing Spider-Man was something that a good number of his enemies always wanted to keep to themselves since he’d done so much to vex a great number of them, or had just been enough of an annoyance that they wanted him gone for good. Since we haven’t seen Kraven or Sandman in the current version of Spider-Man it almost feels safe to say that they won’t be making the cut this time around if and when the movie does get made. But seeing as how Vulture is already starring in the upcoming Morbius movie it’s fair to say that Michael Keaton might be tapped for this movie whenever it’s decided that it will go ahead. Electro might not make it since he was a part of Andrew Garfield’s version of the wallcrawler, but you never know, and Mysterio has already been taken out, but thankfully more than one individual has taken up the mantle of Mysterio in the Marvel universe. Sandman is something of a mystery, as is Doctor Octopus since they were both used back in Sam Raimi’s movies and might not be deemed important enough to bring back. But that doesn’t mean that there’s a shortage of enemies.

It’s a little tough to think that Carnage would end up teaming with the Sinister Six largely because he’s the type of villain that either goes solo or teams up with only one or two villains out of necessity for one reason or another. In fact he wouldn’t become a name associated with the Sinister Six for quite some time after the formation of the group, and neither would Morbius, who’s been around for a while but has kind of gone back and forth between being the hero and the villain a couple of times in his history. To be fair though this lineup would pose a serious problem to Spider-Man since Carnage alone would be a challenge and adding in Morbius would be a serious mismatch that would require some help on Spidey’s end. That could be why the fan that made this video decided to show someone like Deadpool since the merc with a mouth has been up against some seriously tough opponents in the past and while he’s lost as well as won many battles he’s still a force to be reckoned with since his highly unpredictable nature is something that many enemies can’t keep up with as easily as they’d like. He’s even fought Carnage in the comics and despite being stabbed, gutted, literally torn apart and pieced back together he did manage to slow the red-skinned maniac down. As for the other villains, well, if Deadpool’s there then a lot of them don’t stand a good chance of walking away.

This of course is a dream grouping of the Sinister Six that could possibly give Spider-Man pause since Peter Parker in his current incarnation is strong, agile, and skilled, and he even has some experience as of now, but the enemies being allied against him are absolutely ruthless and aren’t the type to stop just because he’s a kid. The Vulture actually said he’d kill him in Homecoming and he didn’t sound like he was making an idle boast. We have yet to see just how Morbius is going to go and yet it would appear that he’s going to be something of an unholy terror that will be chalking up his own body count when his movie releases. As for the rest of the members, Carnage is perhaps the most exciting since Mysterio is impressive but he tends to fizzle out eventually when people start seeing through his illusions. Sandman and Doctor Octopus would be great additions if such a thing could happen since they’re true powerhouses, while even bringing Electro back would add a certain layer of danger to the movie since he’s another figure that’s hard to defend against. Adding Venom into the mix would be confusing since at this point we’ve seen Venom become a hero, albeit one that people don’t fully understand just yet. Overall this idea for the Sinister Six has a lot of merit, but it would definitely need some work if it was a true movie concept and not a fan trailer. Still, it’s a fun view. Kieran Fisher of Film School Rejects has more to say on this matter.

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