Check Out this Insane Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy Siege Trailer

The Autobots and the Decepticons have been fighting for decades as we humans know it, but looking at the history that’s been created for the Transformers it would appear that they’ve been fighting for much longer than that. In fact one could say that they’ve been fighting for so long that even the most stalwart among the Autobots are beginning to question as to when the war for Cybertron will end, and some might even be doubting just whether or not the war is winnable in the first place. The trailer for the Cybertron trilogy is enough to make one question whether Optimus Prime is being a little too over-zealous in his quest to keep the Decepticons from winning or if the other Autobots are starting to feel the strain of the ongoing war and are simply too tired to continue. In any case the fighting will continue in the 6-episode installment titled Seige, which once again pits the Decepticons against the Autobots in a bid to save Cybertron by any means possible, so long as it’s done in the way that either side feels is right. Jacob Robinson of What’s on Netflix has more to say on the matter. This time around however it sounds as though the Decepticons are bound and determined to create unification either through the utter destruction of the Autobots or their assimilation through use of the Allspark, the force that is responsible for all life on Cyberton. In this light it almost sounds as though Megatron and his allies are willing to see an end to the fighting, but are more than willing to sacrifice the free will of their fellow sentient robots to do so.

Upon really taking a long, hard look at the overall battle between the two factions it’s very easy to see that this is what it’s always been about, the need to assimilate versus the need for freedom, in all sense of the word. Unfortunately this is why the Autobots usually take heavier losses than the Decepticons, as they fight for an ideal that many individuals would love to see come to fruition while the Decepticons fight for easy and reachable gains that don’t require a great deal of sacrifice. Bad guys tend to win sometimes because they’ll do things that the good guys won’t, though it’s often arrogance and hubris that end up being the worst enemies of the antagonists in any story. In this case however the Autobots are so severely outgunned that an end is already in sight if they don’t find something that can help them withstand the onslaught that Megatron and his many followers represent. Those of us that grew up with this story understand why it’s so important for Optimus Prime and his Autobots to stand firm and rise against the Decepticons, but there are moments when the fight tends to drain even the strongest of wills and giving in is just too easy.

There are certain moments in the trailer that tend to astound even the most dedicated fans no doubt since Bumblebee, usually one of the first to stand and to fight alongside his old friends, sounds almost hesitant as he speaks of loss, while Ultra Magnus appears to want to find a way to exist without threat of being eliminated. Of all the Autobots shown in the trailer thus far only Optimus appears to be fully ready to lead the charge and continue onward towards an uncertainty that might lead to victory or defeat. As one of the strongest among the Transformers he’s definitely among the favorites, but as it’s been seen in the past he can’t win a war on his own, and the mention of the Allspark is enough to indicate that this fight will eventually be taken from Cybertron and fought elsewhere as has been seen on the big screen. How that will play out has yet to be seen, but so far the opening trailer for the next chapter in the history of the Transformers looks like it might be worth the time it takes to watch it.

A lot of us probably watched Transformers on TV growing up and throughout the years we’ve seen it change more than once, but that ages-old conflict has been ongoing for some time. From the ideological differences to the fact that both factions will likely kill each other on sight the Autobots and the Decepticons are two sides of the same coin as they all come from the same place but have a very different outlook on how things should be run. Megatron is all about domination, subjugation, and making sure that his is the only rule that his people accept, whereas Optimus is the stalwart leader that follows his heart and leads with the intent of showing that freedom is far more important than any ideaology, as it can lead towards much more than subjugation ever could. With that in mind this should be an impressive showing for the Transformers.

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