Check Out This Tour of Danny Elfman’s Crazy $14.6 Million Manor Home

Does anyone have an extra $14.6 million dollars lying around that they can use to purchase Danny Elfman and Bridget Fonda’s home? There are plenty of people in the nation that would love to have this place, but listening to the real estate agent drone on and on about it generally makes a person think ‘to each their own’ since while a lot of the home is quite impressive, having to listen to how this home was renovated and how the owners have ‘an impeccable eye’ for anything coming close to fashion and design is, well, laying it on a bit thick. This is one of the many things that tend to happen when people have a lot of money to spend and possibly not enough interests to spend it on, or at least that’s one explanation. It would be better to say ‘to each their own’ and those words are true enough since living in a home that looks like it was covered in furnishings from Mad Men and many other period pieces might be someone’s cup of tea, but it’s not for everyone. The reality is that a lot of what’s in this home isn’t all that practical unless a person can appreciate the work that went into it and afford the upkeep since like it or not, that’s a lot of cleaning that would need to be done on a regular basis and a lot of maintenance that might be required. Plus, and this is worth arguing about in some ways, it’s not exactly a family home since just taking a look, there are WAY too many things that young children might find a little too enticing to play with, the monkey skeleton being just one among the vast number. The vintage toys and everything else doesn’t exactly inspire a lot of trust that this place would be a good fit for an active family.

This place looks like a museum to be perfectly honest and one can almost think that it might smell like one too give the fact that keeping it clean would require the kind of payment that many people might spend on their mortgage every month. This might sound like the griping of someone that doesn’t make millions, but it’s the kind of gripe that a lot of people can relate to since looking at homes such as these is a fantasy for many people, that much is true. But coming back down to earth and thinking of what it would be like to live in a place such as this is what would drop the bottom out of the fantasy rather quickly. Some people might say that if a person could afford it then there wouldn’t be an issue, but that’s not only naive, it’s showing that people have no idea what they’re talking about. Out of the entire house, only one room really stood out to me, personally, and that was the recording studio. There’s a solid reason for this, and it’s because it wasn’t decked out in the same finery that the rest of the house was and was a far more functional room that didn’t feel as though it had been dressed up beyond its practical nature.

Granted, people will be attracted to what they like the most, and for myself, this would mean less finery and frippery and more of a functional space that didn’t make me feel as though I might need to tiptoe around various antiques for fear of breaking them and wasting thousands of dollars. But others might find that they enjoy the sights and could easily imagine themselves living in this kind of luxury that feels, to some, as though it’s excessive and yes, gaudy. That might shock some people to hear, but again, we all have our different tastes, and for the amount of money that was put into this home it’s likely that much of it could have gone to simply renovate and creating a functional but stylish space that was able to blend one room into another in a manner that brought the easy and comfortable feeling of home, rather than the feeling that one was walking through time and needed to purchase a ticket to see the exhibits. Some rooms are just too busy, others feel as though they were stuck in a certain period in time and can’t get out. Then there are rooms that feel as though they lie empty a good deal of the time until such time as guests are asked to show up for one party or another.

It’s an impressive home that sits on just over an acre to be certain, but the eccentricities of it make the house feel as though it’s having an identity crisis and can’t decide just what the overall theme is supposed to be.

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