Check out Tommy Wiseau’s Marvel Remix of The Room

Britt Hayes from the AV Club is right, this a great way to make your brain simply shut down for a moment as deep down inside you’re wondering ‘what in the world am I watching?’. Just when some of us were thinking, or hoping, that we could escape the walking, talking mess that was The Room we’re sucked into something else that reminds us that it wasn’t a bad dream, that it really happened, and that the legacy of Tommy Wiseau is still a very real thing. In a way that’s so bad it’s good some people might actually praise the video by stating that it comprises the most memorable lines from The Room as it injects their madness and banality into the Avengers mythos, focusing on Infinity War and Endgame. But some might even go so far as to say that it’s a bit, well, wrong in a way.

There’s a reason why The Room was ridiculed the way it was and why it has a lot of people laughing to this day, and that’s the fact that the movie was just horrible. The acting, the setting, the development (a loose term in this case), and even the fact that it was made are all questionable since it was just THAT BAD. But some people would actually say it was so bad it was good, which might confuse a few folks but is easy to understand since there’s only so much a movie can do to be called horrible until it finally turns that unseen corner and starts to make sense to people. Yes, it does happen, and it’s happened before, and it continues to happen in the movies. A picture is so reviled that at first it gets lambasted and tossed about like a well-worn dog toy to finally be left in the forgotten corners of a weed-choked yard. Then, somehow, or for some reason, it gets remembered and dug up or simply brought back into the light somehow and becomes something that people want to latch onto and claim is ‘great’ and ‘stunning’ and however many descriptive words one wants to use to tell others that it’s simply misunderstood and deserved a bit more attention.

News flash, The Room hasn’t changed since it hit the scene, and it’s not bound to since Wiseau hasn’t really done much since that people have noticed. He’s been around of course and is still banking on the reputation he gained after releasing The Room, but at the most he’s been something of a running joke in celebrity circles and doesn’t seem to have done much since. He does have a movie coming out this September it sounds like titled Big Shark, but as of now that seems to be about it. But this video, yeesh.

Looking at it from a brighter perspective it is kind of funny if you don’t decide to take it seriously since the editing was pretty well done and had a few very obvious seams but otherwise could be deemed very entertaining. The lines taken from the movie were enough to use for the video in a way that was kind of amusing as well, but there are likely some MCU fans that would think this wasn’t too funny. Oh well, can’t please everyone. But seriously there have been a lot of videos that have made fun of the MCU over the years and some like that have popped up now and again and might not make much sense but are all about hilarity and a sense of satire that isn’t meant to be taken seriously. If it was done before Endgame even arrived it might have been considered to be a little bit rude and might have caught some backlash from fans, but at this point we’ve almost all seen Infinity War and Endgame so we’re over it, hopefully.

Interestingly enough the video seems to make Wiseau’s lines seem even more ridiculous than they were in The Room since coupled with the music and the scenes in which he’s shown to appear the words he’s speaking make a great deal of sense and are even in context, kind of, but they sound as though they’re coming from a toddler, or an adult that never quite grew out of the toddler phase, and therefore they’re even funnier. It’s interesting that such a video would be made, but it could also be an attempt to drum up some more attention since honestly Wiseau hasn’t been a part of popular discussion for a while and it could be that he’s missing people talking about him. The only thing is that the big difference between this video and the actual Infinity War movie is that anyone watching it was probably waiting for Tommy to disappear when Thanos snapped his fingers.

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