Check Out This Realistic Japanese Dinosaurs Demonstration

I was literally talking about how a Real Jurassic Park could definitely happen since news spread that we have a shot at bringing back the Wooly Mammoth.   While plans for a real Jurassic Park aren’t underway, the advances in robotics have made dinosaurs look awfully life-like in the past decade.   What you are about to see is a live-action demonstration of the realistic dinosaur costumes created by On-Art Corporation in Japan.

On-Art is a top artistic structure airbrush paint production company in Japan.  They create balloon like mobile unit structures.  The actual size is realistic in shape and 3D painting which was made to convey the experience of an overwhelming presence. The unit is mobile, all it requires is power for the blower. Unlike many ordinary robotic dinosaurs, ON-ART, “dino suits” are controlled by a human operator or pilot inside the dinosaur. The pilot can see their outside surroundings on two monitor screens.

The pilot also gets directions through the radio from an external staff member. The body is very light and soft, which makes it safe and easy to move. The dinosaur is truly realistic. It walks, roars, acts violently, swing its tail and sometimes bites.

While we may not have a real Jurassic Park yet, this is pretty close:

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