Chicago Justice Review: A Slip or A Conspiracy?

Chicago Justice

Chicago Justice does its best to prove what is right and wrong, and get the appropriate conviction. They do so by also plugging the holes in a broken system, but make no mistake, it is an imperfect system. But there is a clear wrong, and there is a clear right. Some police shootings are layered in grey. This is not one of those cases. Even the cases you think are going to be a slam dunk depend more on rhetoric than the actual facts.

Nagel takes on a personal crusade when her childhood friend and former confidential informant Eric is shot. Nagel doesn’t buy that Eric was shot over a drug deal, even with the heroine at her feet. She’s proven right when the perfect witness to the crime has different details than Eric himself. And it’s just a coincidence that the witness’s son had his statutory rape charges dropped the day he fingered Eric as a junkie? Not likely. Narcotics Detectives Banks and Kim were committing murders for the head of a gang, who just so happens to be the brother of the man Eric snitched on. For two years they built up their resumes simply taking out members of a rival gang of Jerome Creary’s. That is, until Eric’s sister’s boyfriend told Creary he knew someone in the state’s attorney’s office in order to get out of a debt. It was only a hop, skip, and a leap from Nagel to Eric. Creary would get his revenge and Banks and Kim would go on to win commendations. It’s too bad for them Eric survived.

It’s also just too bad that Banks and Kim were too dumb not to know the mechanics of the equipment their police-issued vehicles were strapped with. New dash cameras can record audio up to a minute before a police siren goes off (don’t ask me how). The point is that the audio recorded a slam dunk confession of guilt from the corrupt cops. In the aftermath Kim turns on Banks so his family will be protected. Banks’s lawyer tells a fancy story which paints Banks in a favorable light, too favorable. Despite Stone’s attempts to show that Banks feels he is above the law, and that one criminal is interchangeable with another, Banks is found not guilty. Not only does Eric not get justice, he’ll be forced to look over his shoulder every day for the rest of his life.

Just how broken are things when Nagel cannot guarantee protection for one of her oldest friends?

Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 12 Review: "Fool Me Twice"


Nagel’s confidential informant pays a steep price for his loyalty to Chicago Justice.

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