Chicago Med Season 1 Episode 3 Review: “Fallback”

Chicago Med

This week’s Chicago Med focused on forgiveness, and how we decide what we can handle. Several relationships were tested, and one doctor was confronted by a past he could no longer outrun.

Connor’s old friend Russell comes into the ER after being impaled. While trying to save his friend’s life, he is also dealing with the reemergence of his family in his own life. Connor made a choice to leave his family long ago because of the contention between him and his millionaire, entitled father. Connor’s father goes so far as to go to Sharon to get his son thrown off the case. When he doesn’t get what he wants, he sicks the Chairman of the Board on her. It’s a good thing that no one tells Sharon Goodwin how to run her hospital.

In addition to the tension between Connor and his father. there is also tension between Connor and his sister, Claire. Walking away from his father also meant Connor was walking away from Claire, who is still very angry with her brother. She has no choice but to trust him if she wants her friend to be okay. With the help of Dr. Zanetti (General Hospital‘s Julie Berman) and Will, who tells Connor about a machine that could give them a better image of the injury to work with, Russell comes through okay. The success of an outcome puts Connor in such a good mood, he buys Will a fancy tie from the family store.

Natalie is still angry with Will and is not forgiving him easily. He’s not giving up on earning her forgiveness, and he ropes Natalie into helping him with a patient experiencing hearing loss and vertigo. Will’s patient ends up having several tumors which need removing, but the surgery comes with a high risk of hearing loss. This kind of consequence is inconceivable for a musician. Natalie has a better relationship with the patient she just met than with Will at the moment. It helps that Natalie was once a seasoned violinist, so she has a better understanding of the patient’s concerns. She agrees that the patient needs more time to process the situation, but Will can’t understand it. He can’t process the loss, the idea that someone would willingly put their life at risk. Natalie helps the violinist adapt to the idea of losing her hearing by reminding her that her body will still remember how to play. Natalie does eventually forgive Will, and he seems to be getting along better with Connor.

Dr. Choi treats a fellow soldier who may have diabetes. This is a nightmare for any military man since a long-term condition like diabetes takes him out for deployment. In addition, Choi is troubled by the fact that his patient has two fractured vertebrae and has not said anything. He asks Dr. Charles for his help. After getting to know the patient and his wife, Dr. Charles comes to the conclusion that the wife has been poisoning her husband with prednizone. The strain of seven tours of duty was just too much for her. After being angry initially, the husband realizes why his wife did what she did, and promises that they will get through it together; this he says as she is taken away in handcuffs for domestic abuse.

Also. Reese becomes increasingly paralyzed when it comes to sticking patients with needles, so Maggie forces her to practice on her. I understand this girl is still in medical school, but if she doesn’t get over this fear soon, she has no business in medicine.

Every doctor has their ups and downs, but is Reese really up for the challenge?

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