Chicago Med Season 1 Episode 5 Review: “Malignant”

Chicago Med

The first crossover of all three shows in the Chicago saga continues on Chicago Med. Herrmann’s fate is revealed, while the doctors come to a horrifying realization about the reason for their patients’ illnesses.

In regards to Herrmann’s case, a lot of people are questioning whether or not Dr. Rhodes made the right call before Herrmann’s condition deteriorated. Dr. Halstead subtly gives his opinion to that effect when his brother asks. Jay, in turn, shares this opinion with Severide, who is horrified that Herrmann’s doctor could have made a mistake. Whether or not Rhodes could have made the wrong call, he finds the fact that Halstead would suggest so extremely insulting and unprofessional. Not to mention, it’s a little hazardous to make yourself a target for a group of on-edge firefighters. What I like best about Will Halstead is that he is willing to admit when he is wrong, which he does when he promptly apologizes to Rhodes. Severide also apologizes to Rhodes after Herrmann pulls through with flying colors.

The fire victim introduced on Chicago Fire, Jessica Pope, shows to have been receiving chemotherapy treatment. After examining the contents of her life, Dr. Charles isn’t convinced that Jessica was trying to commit suicide. Reese orders a complete workup, which shows that this woman was being poisoned with an overdose of chemotherapy when she didn’t have cancer to begin with. Another woman comes into the ER having suffered a seizure as a result of the same condition. Natalie deals with an elderly patient who is in distress, in addition to being disoriented. Nothing she does seems to be working, and sure enough, Dr. Charles finds out Natalie’s patient is yet another victim of chemotherapy overdosing. Sharon’s next call is to the police.

Also in the episode, we see a spark begin between Reese and a guy who works in the lab. Reese is also tasked with showing around April’s little brother Noah, who will soon be an intern himself. The newbie is eager to learn, and a little too eager since he takes credit for the workup on Jessica Pope that Reese was responsible for ordering. Between this and the cute technician, Reese is finally getting some worthwhile storylines. Love seems to be in the air, as April and Severide seem to be rekindling their flame, or at least they come close. Their evening reunion is postponed, possibly indefinitely, because April agrees to help her brother study, and Severide calls her out for always catering to her brother’s needs before her own.

Tune in tomorrow night to Chicago P.D. to see the conclusion of the #OneChicago Crossover.

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Chicago Med Season 1 Episode 5 Review: “Malignant”


The first crossover of all three shows in the Chicago saga continues on Chicago Med.

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