Chicago P.D. Season Finale Review: Olinsky’s Fate Revealed

Chicago P.D.

There are no words for what just happened. This was the most emotional hour of Chicago P.D. ever. When I wasn’t crying, I was screaming at the television. Throw pillows serve a purpose during hours like this. Months of scrutiny aimed at Sergeant Hank Voight took a horrific turn last week when his best friend not only took the fall for his crime, but also took a brutal stabbing. You can bet Intelligence took their anger out on the people responsible, but was it enough to save Olinsky and Voight from their fates? Turn away now if you haven’t heard the news, because we’re about to go through every twist and turn that led to [SPOILER] the death of Alvin Olinsky.

Every single second that Denny Woods was onscreen with that stupid, slimy smirk was one you wanted to pummel his face. This was especially true when you put that face up against Alvin Olinsky being wheeled into the operating room. You could say a lot of things about Voight’s part in all of this, but that look will haunt Voight for the rest of his life. Because Voight was desperately trying to cling to hope, but Olinsky looked broken. He didn’t look like he had the strength left to fight, and he truly didn’t. And as grief-stricken as Intelligence is from this point forward, their second greatest emotion is rage. Because this didn’t have to happen. The question is, who is to blame?

The immediate answer to that question is the person who stabbed Olinsky. That part was easy, as was Voight’s retaliation. But given that the guard was paid to look the other way, Voight smells a contract kill. The only relief is that Olinsky’s death had nothing to do with the situation that put him there. It was revenge for a case he was involved in years ago. Carlos De Leon, a money launderer for a cartel, had a score to settle over the death of his little brother. And Voight got justice for Olinsky the same as he did for his son–his way. The problem is that once again, there was a witness. I can appreciate Dawson’s role as the voice of reason  and honesty on the team, but when your friend and colleague dies, it is not the time to be a choir boy. He made it clear that he didn’t want to lie to internal affairs and say he saw what happened. He saw nothing, but could assume alot. We won’t know what Dawson told Internal Affairs until next season (thanks for that last minute news NBC!)

While Intelligence get justice for Olinsky, Denny gets his break with a new witness against Voight. He so badly wants to nail Voight that he bribes the witness, and convinces her to change a few details of her story. Or so he thinks. Denny’s fatal flaw is that he is loyal to no one. To Chicago P.D., loyalty is not just a word, it’s a way of life. It’s the most binding, valuable thing you have. True loyalty can’t be traded, bought, or blackmailed away. And Olinsky had more friends than just Voight and Intelligence. He had Judge Jimmy Osha, who was willing to feed Denny false intelligence to take him down. At least then they could say that Olinsky didn’t die for nothing. It’s a victory, but a small one compared to the tragic, preventable loss everyone will have to deal with. Like it or not, Voight has some culpability in how this played out.

RIP Alvin Olinsky. Rewatch the tribute above to see how the loyal cop lost his life.

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Alvin Olinsky’s fate is revealed at the opening of Chicago P.D.‘s season finale, but was Intelligence able to get him justice?

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