Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 13 Review: “A Little Devil Complex”

Chicago PD

Continuing from Tuesday night’s Chicago Fire, this week’s episode of Chicago PD finds members of the Intelligence Unit picking up where the arson investigation ended. It’s clear members of Intelligence and the fire department are chasing a killer as well as an arsonist, but whether or not they can catch him before he strikes again remains to be seen.

After learning on Chicago Fire that the arson investigator will not be pursuing Adrian Gish for the fire that killed Shay, Dawson calls her brother Antonio for help in continuing that pursuit. It’s a good thing Lindsay is back because this case requires all hands on deck. When Antonio confronts Gish and makes up an excuse to bring him into the department, Gish once again basically admits to arson and Shay’s murder, and threatens Voight and Dawson not to push him. So the PD decides to put Gish under a close microscope.

Turns out Adrian Gish is a stolen identity, and the real Gish died in a fire 12 years ago–coincidence not. While Intelligence tosses fake-Gish’s home, Burgess and Roman tail him. If it seems like this guy is enjoying the game, it’s because he is, as evidenced by his joy in blowing up Burgess and Roman’s patrol car. When members of the FD try to help Voight’s team, Chief Boden realizes that the identity the arsonist had been using before “Gish,”was actually that of a deceased firefighter who died in the fire that killed Peter Mills’s father.

The arsonist continues to taunt Intelligence, and even cruelly approaches one of his former victims who survived his arson. This guy’s arrogance, however, is his hubris, as the team discovers his name is Trenton Lamont, and he was the victim of a fire that killed his family, which set him on the path to become an arsonist. What they couldn’t anticipate upon entering his home was that he would be targeting Gabby Dawson. Lamont traps Gabby in an elevator to “watch her burn” in it, but her brother manages to kill Lamont before he gets the chance. Members of the FD who lost friends and family to Lamont are understandably relieved and happy to have closure.

On the weird and sunny side, Seargent Platt is acting particularly strange and chipper. Burgess even tests Platt by making up a flimsy excuse to switch shifts, and the response Burgess gets back is just as chipper and disturbing (“Yum yum in my tum tum”?!). It’s made clear pretty quickly that Platt is putting on a show for a disciplinary review person in order to keep her job. Burgess tries to help, and ends up getting tricked into praising Platt to a reporter. How is it that even when the Sergeant is angling for praise, she’s still so sneaky?

Lindsay’s return to Intelligence means her relationship with Halstead now needs to be more secret than ever, so as not to antagonize “Dad,” as Halstead puts it. By the end of the episode that is not her biggest worry, as her mother Bunny comes to her with suspicions that she may be working for murderers.

Were you as relieved as I was that Leslie Shay’s murder was finally put to rest? What will come next week when Erin’s mom becomes the center of an investigation?

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