Christopher Nolan Explains Why He Crashed a Real 747 for Tenet

How many people can say that crashing a 747 into a building for the sake of their movie was more practical than using miniatures and CGI? As Kevin Fraser of Joblo might agree, there aren’t too many people out there that aren’t named Christopher Nolan that could get away with this. You read that right, it was more practical to actually crash a plane into a building than to use special effects, which is an astounding proposition in and of itself. Tenet, Nolan’s latest movie and what many are thinking will be one of the big blockbusters coming out of the pandemic, is already looking like an over the top, mind-bending movie that will take what some people think about time travel and turn that information on its ear in a big way. But the one scene that’s shown briefly in the trailer, a massive airplane crashing into a building with enough force to destroy everything involved, is something that not everyone gets to do in their lifetime. For many audience members it’s easy to say that we’ve seen a plane crash in a movie or on TV as part of fiction. There are times when the CGI is painfully obvious and others when the attempts to make the moment and the props look as real as possible tend to be quite well done. But crashing an actual plane into a building is next-level kind of stuff that not just anyone could get away with.

One thing that’s clear is that in order to make this work everyone would have to know their job and the entire stunt would have to be pulled off without fail since repeating this scene over and over again wouldn’t be cost effective in the least. Getting it right the first time had to be a little stressful at least, but from the look of things it does appear that Nolan managed to make it work, though until audiences get a look at the movie it’s going to be something that’s easy to impress people with simply because of this revealed fact. Once the movie comes out however it’s likely that we’ll be hearing from a lot of people that liked it and some that might be disappointed that the trailer gave a little too much away. It’s a bit difficult to say that with a straight face since the trailer does give a good chunk of the movie away, but it still feels as though there are plenty of connections yet to be made by watching the movie in its entirety. As of now though it feels safe to say that people are going to be watching and waiting for the airplane scene if only to see if they can break it down or to see if it’s every bit as impressive as it’s being built up to be. Annie Lord of the Independent had something else to say about this.

This summer is already shaping up to be a rather disappointing one since most of the movies that were supposed to premiere before now or fairly soon have been pushed back and as a result things are looking a bit chaotic at the moment as people scramble to try and push what they can in order to keep the entertainment industry moving forward. The coronavirus has done a serious number on everyone and at the current moment it’s still affecting America in a big way given that people are still debating whether or not the country should reopen completely and get back to business as usual. Obviously this won’t be the case since safety protocols are going to be put into place for many if not all businesses and people will be expected to abide by the rules and follow the guidelines, much as they’ve been expected to do over the past couple months. When it comes to theaters it’s still doubtful that all of them will be open by the end of the summer and it’s still a question as to how many will be able to open after staying closed for so long. Tenet is meant to have a big screen debut, but its currently a question as to how many big screens will actually be able to follow through on the release and how this will affect the box office. There are just too many questions at the moment and not enough answers when it comes to whether or not America will be able to go back to what passes for normal after all this, as the changes that have come before and during the pandemic are pretty noticeable.

Such a thought kind of puts Nolan’s whole plane stunt into focus, but getting back to it this might be considered one of the best stunts of the year at one point, even if it’s one of the only movies that gets to release in 2020. Adrienne Tyler of Screenrant has a few more movies that might make this summer worthwhile at least.

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