Chuck 2.16 “Chuck versus the Lethal Weapon” Recap

chuck-in-bedCorpvandolay here with a recap of this week’s episode of Chuck. This week’s episode is a direct sequel to last week’s episode, “Chuck vs. the Beefcake.” When that episode ended, British MI-6 agent Cole Barker (who knew Chuck’s identity as the Intersect) was kidnapped by FULCRUM. As a precautionary measure, Sarah and Chuck have to move in together to provide 24-protection should FULCRUM break Agent Barker and find out the identity of the Intersect…

Who Guest Stars?
Jonathan Cake is back as the ‘Beefcake,’Agent Cole Barker. However, this week he isn’t alone and is joined by the one, the only…yes, The Doctor (or The Cowboy if you prefer your 80’s movie references)! Robert Picardo guest stars as a scientist this week.

And Which Stars Are Here This Week?

What Does TV Guide Say?
When Cole Barker escapes Fulcrum with new information, Sarah and Casey go looking for a man that seems to be behind Fulcrum’s plans to build its own Intersect, forcedly leaving Chuck and Barker in a safety bunker, as Fulcrum is still actively searching for them. Meanwhile, Morgan can not find a way of telling Anna that he wants to move in with Chuck instead of her, so Lester and Jeff are encouraging him to find a way of repulsing her.

What’s The Episode Really About?
We open with Agent Cole Barker being interrogated. He is beaten up and in a pretty bad off spot. However, he still has his British wit about him. His FULCRUM torturers ask him who the Intersect is and what the CIA knows about Perseus. Perseus?! This is a new thing that FULCRUM is after. Hmm…

Cut to Sarah and Chuck in Chuck’s old bed. Chuck is wide awake, having not slept much at all from last night. The alarm goes off and Sarah gets up and proceeds to go about her morning as usual. She goes off to take a shower. We then catch up with our heroes as they brush their teeth in the bathroom. Chuck asks Sarah if she is worried about Cole. Sarah says yes, but only in a professional way. They then arrive in the dining room for breakfast, where Ellie is so happy for their move. She hugs them both and then proceeds to give Sarah some tips on helping Chuck clean out some of the old junk he has accumulated from his childhood, like the ‘˜Tron’poster. Chuck retorts that the ‘˜Tron’poster was a gift from dad. They both loved that movie.

At the Buy More, Jeff and Lester are having an insult-battle (ala our old-school ‘˜8 Mile’variety), razzing Morgan about all of the sex that Big Mike is having with his mom. However, Morgan has the upper hand — he won’t have to deal with it much longer since he and Chuck are moving in together. Chuck needs to tell Morgan that they can’t move in together, but before he has the chance Casey grabs him and tells him Chuck needs to go to the office. ‘When did John get an office?’wonders Morgan.

In HQ, the condition is red. They having found Agent Barker yet, so they are having to evacuate to a secure bunker. Then, the alarm goes off — it’s a security breach! Casey and Sarah grab some gun and head down the corridor towards the breach location. They are at the ready as the door open to reveal…Agent Cole! He is all bloody and Sarah rushes to help him as he collapses. Casey, snarky as ever tells Chuck he’s luck — he may not be going away after all. ‘Yeah,’Chuck says, ‘Lucky me…’

Opening credits.

At HQ, Cole is recounting his interrogation time at the hands of FULCRUM. He had to take on nine guys to escape. Nine guys! Chuck is a little dubious about this, and thinks he is bragging. He also found out that they are working with someone named Perseus. But, the bottom line is that he didn’t break and didn’t tell them anything about the Intersect. Why did he come back to this location? To make sure Sarah was safe. Aww…

At the Buy More, Anna comes up to Morgan with a 16-month anniversary gift. It seems, she thinks she found Morgan’s gift for her — the lease contract on the apartment. She thinks they are moving in together! Oops! Jeff and Lester see the problem develop and give their usual sage advice: instead of telling her he is moving in with Chuck and risking bodily harm, he simply has to make himself too repulsive to her to move in with.

HQ. The general informs our heroes that Perseus is a leading scientist, working with FULCRUM to build their own Intersect. Apparently there is a consulate party this evening where he will be. Sarah and Casey are going to go undercover to locate and identify Perseus. Chuck and Cole both volunteer to go as well, but the General says no. They will instead provide electronic support.

Meanwhile, back at the Buy More, phase 1 of Operation: Repulse is underway: the obscure and repulsive hobby. Morgan, Jeff and Lester have decided to take up re-creating historic tennis matches using the Wii Tennis. Anna is befuddled by this hobby, but Morgan assures her: she can join in when they move together. If this didn’t repulse her before, the shirtless Jeff next to her would do the trip. Ew!

We move over to the consulate party (which has The Puppini Sisters music playing — yes!). Sarah and Casey are dressed and inside, while Chuck and Cole at the computer banks, each having access to their earpieces. To avoid confusion, Cole takes Sarah and Chuck talks with Casey. Cole is an expert at this, givng Sarah spot-on intel about the various party guests and possible agents (hey, he’s Tom Arnold from ‘˜True Lies’!). the-doctorChuck on the other hand, doesn’t know much, but helps Casey find some good hors dourves to eat. That’s when Chuck flashes on the one, the only…The Doctor. Yes, it looks like he’s Perseus. While Casey and Sarah approach him, Chuck asks Cole if he really did escape from nine guys. Yep. It’s simple really — go for the knee. Chuck sees this logic, as he has heard it before: ‘You mean, sweep the leg?’In the party, Cole’s FULCRUM interrogator steps in front of Sarah and Casey. Cole reciognizes him as the torturer, but the guy activates a device under his coat jamming all their communication.

Cole immediately jumps into action. No time for anyone else; they have to go and be heroes. Cole grabs two guns and checks them. A cool agent with two guns, right? Nope! One gun is for Chuck!

Outside of the consulate party, Chuck and Cole are approaching the gate. Chuck wonders what their cover should be: dentists? Cole says they should just go as spies and knocks out the guard in stride. Inside the party, Sarah starts to chat with The Doctor. Just then, our FULCRUM agent pulls a gun on her and Casey. It seems they’ve been caught. Outside the house, Chuck and Cole see them being led upstairs through a window. Cole immediately goes to the fire escape and tries pulling it down. However, he’s hurt — bleeding from the side. Chuck steps in and goes up to the roof instead.

Inside the house as they are led upstairs, The Doctor tells Sarah and Casey that he and the FULCRUM agents are CIA. They are working to help the country. Casey snorts and tell him that FULCRUM are actually terrorists. The Doctor says he didn’t know anything of working for terrorists. The FULCRUM agent says it’s a shame The Doctor had to hear, as now he has to die. Casey then sees Chuck as the upstairs window, broad smile and a gun in hand. Summing it up, Casey imparts: ‘We’re dead. Bartowski has a gun.’Chuck enters the rom, but trips on the window sill and drops the gun. take-a-bulletIt fires when it hits the floor, shooting The Doctor in the calf. This distraction provides enough for Casey and Sarah, as they move to subdue the guards. The Doctor runs off, followed by the FULCRUM agent. Casey goes to take care of Chuck while Sarah goes after The Doctor. As Sarah looks for them, FULCRUM has the angle and is about to shoot her when Cole dives in, knocking Sarah down and taking a bullet in the arm.

Outside, The Doctor drives off, escaping from both our heroes and FULCRUM.

Back inside, Chuck is complaining of his ankle as he walks over to realize that Cole took a bullet for Sarah. Never mind.

At HQ, Sarah is taking the bullet out of Cole’s arm. They banter a little bit and it seems like they might kiss when Chuck arrives to check on Cole. Does he need anything? A nice bisque? An issue of Us Weekly? Nope, okay…

In the Buy More breakroom, Anna is looking at Ikea furniture for their new apartment. Morgan comes in and apologizes for the Wii Tennis. Anna doesn’t mind. But, now we are into phase 2: Morganuptual. Yes, Morgan has a ridiculous, long book of rules that Anna will have to sign and agree to if they are to move in together. She thinks that it is nuts, but she loves him, so she’ll sign anything. Doh!

At HQ, the General informs our heroes that The Doctor is Perseus. It seems that he helped to create the original Intersect — the one that is inside of Chuck’s brain. This dawns on Chuck, as he asks if Perseus can help to remove the Intersect. Maybe is the General’s response.

Later, Chuck is looking at surveillance footage from the party. Cole comes in and asks what he’s up to. They banter a bit back and forth — Cole truly is the perfect, great agent. He congratulates Chuck on all he did at the mission. Chuck demurs and tells Cole that he sees what Sarah sees in him — he is great.

Over at Buy More, the gang of Jeff, Lester and Morgan wonder if Anna could be ‘unrepulsive.’Jeff vows that she is not and that they’ll find a way to get to her. Chuck comes up and pulls Morgan aside to give him some needed advice. Why is Morgan trying to test Anna? She loves Morgan for who he is, which is great. She is truly the catch of a lifetime. He needs to tell her before it’s too late or he’ll realize he lost the catch of a lifetime.

At home, Chuck hobbles in and sits on the couch. Ellie sees he’s hurt and calls Awesome into the room. Chuck warns them not to go all doctor-crazy on him. However, they tell him that he needs to get his foot x-rayed. At HQ, Sarah and Cole are together, talking. Cole asks Sarah if they are supposed to just walk away, even if they find someone who they acre deeply for? Is it fair? No, she replies, but it is what it is.

Chuck is at the hospital, laid up in a wheelchair, with a cast on his leg/foot. Through the curtain, he hears Perseus. Yes, The Doctor who was shot was also at the hospital, getting tended to. Chuck calls Casey to tell him, and Casey orders Chuck to stay put — backup will be there soon. Too late, as the Doctor won’t stay at the hospital and is leaving. Chuck gets up and hobble after him. They both pass in front of a man in the waiting room who speaks into his wrist: ‘I got both of them.’

tying-a-castAfter the commercial, a car rolls up. It is The Doctor, getting out and going into a laboratory building. He senses someone behind him and turns to see Chuck (having taken a cab), bending down to tie his cast — oops, uh, shoe. He turns back and goes inside, Chuck following. In the lobby, the guard stops him. Chuck uses his Nerd Herd outfit to BS his way past, being told that the computer lab is on the second floor. Chuck hobbles up the stairs and just makes it to the lab door before it closes shut. He sneaks in and sees Perseus packing up various papers and stuff. It seems like he’s going on a trip. Perseus looks around and Chuck ducks as to not be seen. He looks again and Perseus is gone, but not for long. He is behind Chuck, with a gun!

In the lobby, FULCRUM shows up and shoots the security guard. They go upstairs to the lab. Casey, Sarah and Cole show up soon after, and seeing the guard dead, pull their guns. Casey sees the security screen, showing FULCRUM going up the stairs. They follow.

Perseus is quizzing Chuck as to why he is following him. It seems that Chuck wants to know about the Intersect . Perseus is puzzled: how does Chuck know about the Intersect? Chuck looks over at some papers and flashes on the name Orion. As Chuck does this, FULCRUM enters the lab. Perseus sees this and realizes: you’re the Intersect? Amazing! Chuck asks if it can be removed. ‘Maybe. Orion would know,’Perseus responds. Who is Orion? Well, he’s the one who developed the whole idea of an Intersect. He — FULCRUM interrupts. No! Chuck wants to know who is Orion! Perseus tells them he said nothing, but FULCRUM shoots him. Chuck goes to the downed Perseus. FULCRUM then turn to Chuck just as Cole arrive and tussle with the bad guy. Cole loses the battle and is down, shot in the arm (again!). As FULCRUM prepares to finish the job, Cole has one command: ‘sweep the leg.’Chuck is behind him and takes down the FULCRUM agent. He is ecstatic and goes to Cole to celebrate his success. But the FULCRUM guy gets back up and now has them both in his sights. And…BAM. The FULCRUM agent falls over dead, revealing Sarah behind him with her gun.

At HQ, the General informs us that Perseus is dead. However, they captured all of his work, setting back FULCRUM’s plans to develop an Intersect. They thank Cole and will be sending him home to the United Kingdom. Casey asks him if he reall did defeat nine guys. Nope. It was twelve, he just doesn’t like to brag. Cole then turns to Chuck and tells him what a ‘special, special agent’he is. He then gives him this advice: if you want something bad enough, don’t take no. Chuck then departs, leaving Sarah and Cole to chat.

In the Buy More break room, Morgan and Chuck need to talk. Morgan decides to go first: he can’t move in with Chuck. He is moving in with Anna instead. Chuck is relieved and congratulates them. This is great news!

Meanwhile, at the HQ, Cole offers Sarah to just drop everything and go away with him. She refuses. She’s just not the kind of girl to cheat on her cover-boyfriend. Cole wonders if it is just a cover, because he saw more than that when she looked after Chuck. She tells him ‘when you meet somebody you care about, it’s hard to just walk away.’

Back in the break room, Anna and Morgan are kissing. Chuck sees this and smiles. He then heads home and meets Sarah outside of his house. They sit and he breaks the news to her that he cannot move in with her. It seems that he is crazy about her, and while being a fake-boyfriend is one thing, but living together is just too hard for him. But, one day, he’ll get the Intersect out of his head and he’ll be with the girl he loves. He won’t let it rob him of that. Sarah hears this, and smiles to herself.

its-lifeInside of the house, Ellie is working on boxes and preparing for the big move. Chuck moves through the living room telling her they’ll talk more later, but that he is not moving out. Inside of his room, he closes the door and turns to the ‘˜Tron’poster and removes it from the wall. It’s mounted on foam-core board, making it easy to do this. He lays it face down on his bed, revealing a matrix, showing the connections between all of the players in the Intersect saga. Wait, did I just stumble into an episode of Life? He’s charting his own conspiracy wall! He takes out a sharpie and writes ‘Orion’in big letters above the center Intersect room, that connects everything.

What are Casey and Sarah’s Covers?
Casey and Sarah are guests at a consulate party. What does that mean? Well, really they just get to dress very nice and mingle in the crowd. Sarah also has the cover of being Chuck’s now-live-in -girlfriend.

awesome_dressed1Is Awesome in This Episode?
Yes, but not very much. Awesome is here at the kitchen table, but not much else. And sorry ladies, he is fully clothed.

sarah_lingerie1And how does Sarah dress? Lingerie?
Yes and no. We do open with her in some cute pink boy-short panties and stretch t-shirt. Not as provocative as other episodes, but still, a nice way to open this week’s show. :-)

Does Casey get shot, poisoned, or otherwise injured?
Nope. Having Agent Barker around sure does improve Casey’s health. This week and last he escapes unharmed while Agent Barker is shot (twice!) and tortured. Casey really should see about getting him a full-time position.

love_triangle1What’s the state of the Chuck / Sarah romance?
As the episode opens, Chuck and Sarah are rooming together at his old house (the one shared with Ellie and Awesome). They discuss that the CIA will be getting them a new apartment soon. Throughout the episode there is the love-triangle from last episode between Sarah-Chuck-Barker. However, we clearly learn that Sarah has feelings for Chuck, and the triangle is caput by episode’s end. At the end, Chuck confesses he has feelings for Sarah and that’s why he can’t move in together — it is too hard. A girlfriend is one thing; living together is completely different. How will Sarah act on this info in future episodes?

fulcrum1Where is FULCRUM?
They are still front and center, trying to find out the identity of the Intersect. This week they are led by a very diminutive, nebbish fellow. Not as menacing as they have been in the past.

And the status of a new Intersect?
The CIA’s Intersect is not mentioned in this outing. However, we do learn more about FULCRUM and their plans to create there own Intersect. We also get some clues about who actually created the original Intersect, which is tantalizing new plot thread…


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