10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chuckles from G.I. Joe


It is really hard to know the names of all the G.I. Joe’s so don’t feel too bad if you don’t remember Chuckles since while he was on the roster for a while he still didn’t get a whole lot of time when compared to the more popular Joe’s for whatever reason. It’s kind of funny to say this since his character was designed to be one of the more likable ones on the team, though when you look at him there’s this undeniable urge to compare him to a blonde and smooth-faced Magnum P.I. thanks to his taste in clothing. That being said though Chuckles was a part of the team and he did manage to do a few things before he was all but forgotten. That might change quickly though since more and more characters from the past are being brought into the spotlight, as you might have already seen with the first two G.I. Joe movies. How well they’ll continue to do is hard to say since the two movies weren’t that well regarded, but maybe Chuckles can help to turn things around.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Chuckles.

10. It sounds as though another G.I. Joe movie might be in the works and he’ll be in this one.

Jeremy Dick from MovieWeb and a few other people might actually be watching closely to see just what comes of this new movie and what direction it will go in since there’s no telling if it will be a complete reboot or a continuation of the movies we’ve already seen. But Chuckles does seem to be one of the main characters thus far.

9. His primary duty is criminal investigations.

This almost makes him sound like NCIS for the Joe’s but his tasks are a little more dangerous than anything you’ll see Gibbs and his crew take on since the Joe’s after all are specialists that don’t go after criminals that are capable of being taken down by run of the mill cops.

8. He typically takes on missions that no one wants.

This is something that you might find kind of odd since G.I. Joe’s don’t normally shy away from a mission, but it could also mean that they think the missions are beneath them or not worth the effort. In any case he tends to take on the kind of tasks that a lot of the Joe’s just don’t want to deal with.

7. Chuckles is known to be naturally charming.

This is pertinent to his job after all since he has to go deep cover so often that he kind of needs to be able to blend in with just about anyone. His targets don’t usually know he’s undercover until it’s too late since he bonds with just about anyone so easily.

6. His first action figure appeared in 1987.

He did eventually come out a little over a decade ago as part of a two-pack with another character that a lot of people might not know either. Hey, there are a lot of characters in the G.I. Joe franchise and it’s tough to know every single one of them.

5. It sounds like he’s an expert at faking his own death.

This seems like an odd talent to have but it could also be pretty advantageous since given the right circumstances it would give him an edge on his opponents and make them lower their guard in a way that would allow him or other Joe’s to make use of this.

4. He arrested Hawk once.

This seems like it would be an embarrassing situation since Hawk is so highly ranked within the Joe’s and has a reputation to uphold. But then again throughout the years some of the Joe’s have been seen to be less than reputable at times.

3. He’s been killed a couple of times but also brought back for various reasons.

The first time he was killed it was later on revealed that the comic series wasn’t canon so it was easy to bring him back and create a new story for him, while the second time around he was killed by a rather powerful character so bringing him back had to be done with care.

2. Like most of the Joe’s he’s seen to be insanely strong.

For all intents and purposes Chuckles is just another man that’s in peak condition and is capable of handling himself very well. But being shown to be strong enough to rip a missile from a tank and hurl it a considerable distance is kind of ridiculous, even for the cartoons.

1. He was in the animated G.I. Joe movie.

Unfortunately he didn’t get to be his usual self since he had no speaking lines and he was more of a glorified grunt.

It’s going to be interesting to see who they get to play his character in a new movie.

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