10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ciaran Hinds

Some actors kind of breeze in and out of films and TV shows and are recognized but never fully appreciated it seems. Ciaran Hinds is one of those that tends to pop up and really has to be noticed in order to see that he’s done a lot of great things in his life with a career that has spanned decades. It’s true he’s played some great roles and some that were kind of ‘meh’, but he’s always done his best and can’t really be blamed for the fact that some of the movies he’s been in have kind of flopped. Throughout it all he’s been a great actor and has never really wavered when it comes to his talent, showing that he can put up a great performance quite often and be counted upon to be reliable in just about anything he does. Even if the film or show he’s in doesn’t do well he acts his part out without fail and without error.

Here are a few things you might not know about him.

10. He’s close friends with Liam Neeson.

If ever there was a guy that might be a good friend to keep, Liam Neeson would likely be one of them. Despite wearing the role of the tough guy very well he does seem like he’d be someone a person wouldn’t mind hanging out with.

9. He’s been a stage actor and still is kind of.

Ciaran has way too much talent to be confined to the big and small screens and has been a stage actor for a while and still goes back to it every now and again since he seems to enjoy it so much. For some people the stage is actually a preference over anything else.

8. He was in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

This movie has actually been lauded as one of the worst Marvel movies ever made and as far as the story goes it could have been better, but the part Ciaran played, that of the devil, was a little underplayed it felt like, as though he could have been given a lot more substantial part that would have seen him be far more prevalent in the role.

7. He was in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

There have been many fan films and discussion about Aberforth since his appearance in the movies and even in the books since he’s just about as powerful as his brother Albus, you know, Dumbledore, and it was proven in the movie. Of course they didn’t care for each other in the story but that’s another ball of wax so to speak.

6. He started acting back in he 70s.

See what I said about decades? Ciaran has been around long enough to see things change and develop in different ways as show business has had to evolve, and those within it do likewise. His time spent on screen has been extensive throughout and has seen him amass a great deal of credits and accomplishments.

5. He was in Excalibur.

This is one of those time-honored movies that you just can’t say enough about since it was among the many films of the 80s that sought to bring a legend to life and did so in a great way. Okay, so looking back at it now the effects are kind of cheesy and not as great, but this was far before CGI had taken such a prominent role and when the story was more important than the effects.

4. He’s been in Game of Thrones.

Given how things have turned out in GoT as of now it’s hard to believe that Mance Rayder was one of the biggest threats in the story at one point, especially since once he was caught he ceased to be that big of a deal. But in many ways GoT is almost like D&D, the further you go into the story, the bigger and more dangerous the threats become.

3. He was in Justice League.

Obviously CGI took a huge role in this film since most of what you see was computer graphics and the idea of Steppenwolf was all motion capture. But he did provide the voice and the overall stature of the villain, so that’s something. In fact it’s even interesting to note that he was kept away from the rest of the cast for much of the movie.

2. He takes the role of being an actor quite seriously.

It can’t really be said that he takes it seriously to the point that he can’t kid around about it, but he is passionate about acting and doesn’t always enjoy people taking it for granted or slandering actors in any way.

1. He dropped out of school to pursue acting.

There’s not as much of this that goes on in today’s acting world but it did seem to be prevalent back in the day as people wanted to get their acting career underway without waiting to finish school.

If you go back and look at the movies he’s in you might be surprised at how good he really is.

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