Clips – Chuck Returns to Kick-Off NBC’s The Event, and Chase

Chuck rejoins The Event and Chase tonight for a full slate of Monday dramas! Chuck kicks it off at 8/7c as the series returns with a super intense episode. Our hero has lost the ability to flash when he needs it most and Summer Glau guest stars — see a preview below!

Then, we learn more about the attempt on the President’s life that was foiled in the pilot on tonight’s episode of The Event at 9/8c! President Martinez confronts Michael Buchanan desperately looking for answers and learns some very startling information. And, finally, Annie turns to one of the dangerous criminals she put away for information on tonight’s Chase. See the return of Mason Boyle and the frightening offer he extends to Annie at 10/9c!

A Look at “Chuck vs. Fear of Death”
Chuck returns with an all-new episode on Monday, November 15th, 8/7c.

Ep 108: For The Good Of Our Country
Desperate times call for desperate measures. President Martinez demands answers.

Chase – The Longest Night
A look at Monday night’s all-new episode of Chase, “The Longest Night.”

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