Co-Creator of Lost Wants Someone to Reboot the Series

It might go without saying but it still needs to be said that a reboot of Lost might be a huge if not apparently impossible undertaking for many people that might require a massive effort on the part of a team that had nothing else scheduled and a great deal of patience. Looking at how the show went and how much had to be tolerated by fans when it came to the story line and the different directions it moved in one could almost say that bringing Lost back wouldn’t be a horrible idea, but it would be a serious challenge to reboot something like this since the story took a few serious jobs to the left and right from season to season. As Jeremy Dick of TVWeb might agree with, a lot of people enjoyed this and were more than ready to try and keep up, but it has to be stated that this is a lot to take on as a director and a writer since keeping everything straight and not getting something confused along the way would require more than one person. That might sound a bit dramatic but the truth of this show is that between the flashbacks, the flash-forward, and the flash-sideways, a lot of people were bound to get confused and feel that they’d missed something, especially when a story about a group of people stranded on an island suddenly became something between a fantasy and science fiction story that felt like it was all over the place.

The show does have the same incomplete feeling that a lot of people managed to get from Game of Thrones as well, as it would appear that co-creator Damon Lindelof had a few more ideas to implement when the show was reaching its end in the 6th season. Obviously Lindelof has moved on since then, but he’s expressed the desire to see someone pick up that particular ball and run with it in a different way than has already been seen, which could be interesting since there are plenty of plot points that could be used to drive such a story and make feel a bit different while clinging to the same tenets that helped to draw so many people in. Remember how many people were sitting around talking about what happened on Lost the episode before, or what had happened that they didn’t fully understand? It had to be deja vu for those watching Game of Thrones to hear this kind of discussion since it had come about before, and in reality it’s the kind of social phenomenon that happens quite often with shows that are fully enjoyed by the public and are seen to create a massive following.

Unfortunately the practice of ending a show on a confusing or low note is also a phenomenon that happens from time to time and it’s a truly annoying habit that comes around and is rarely understood in full by the fans or even by those that just want to know what the story was about. A story with this many characters and moving parts however was bound to trip up somewhere and while it’s not an “I told you so” moment it is a failing of the show that was bound to become a glaring bit of controversy at some point. A lot of fans might disagree and say that this is what made the show great, but instead it’s likely what made the show such a challenge to keep up with since while the story was obviously addictive enough to keep the attention of so many it was also a constant and very common thing to hear that it didn’t appear to make a lot of sense to people for one reason or another. The different themes that were used, the lives of the characters, and the fact that so much was added in to flesh out the world around them was a great contributor to the otherwise dizzying miasma of facts and realities that went into the making of this show. Trying to keep it all straight in one linear fashion wasn’t entirely possible since a person had to able to move their train of thought back and forth like a yo yo in order to maintain an idea of where they were at in the story at one point and why it was important to the rest of the plot.

So yes, taking on this project will undoubtedly be a huge undertaking by anyone that has the nerve to say yes, but they do have Lindelof’s blessing since he’s been quit of the show for too long to go back and would love to see what someone else might do with it. That kind of leaves the question of what a reboot would even look like at this point, especially since the show might have to go off in, or from, an entirely different direction.

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