A Collection of Awesome Cold Opens from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the funniest shows around hands down, and the cold opens, basically the events before the credits and title of the show, are just hilarious. Cold opens are essentially a lead-in to what the story might be about and can provide a bit more entertainment that might have been cut otherwise in some cases. But in Brooklyn Nine-Nine some of these cold opens would be sorely missed if they’d been left out. Since the video down below isn’t working properly I’ll tell you just what you might be seeing. If you watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine then you probably already know.

Halloween III

Poor Boyle just gets tormented continually. Maybe it’s because he’s such a nice guy or maybe because he’s just kind of hopeless in so many ways. But not dressing up for Halloween in this episode turns out to be a poor choice since everyone else in the office dresses up. This of course prompts Boyle to pull out his reserve costume, just in time to see that everyone else is in plain clothes again.

Fish Lemonade

Sorry, but lemonade sold out of mason jars on a street corner doesn’t sound that great. Of course it sounds better than drinking a mason jar full of goldfish water, and the goldfish too. Blech.

Boyle Bingo

Once again, poor Boyle. How predictable must a guy be that his coworkers are able to make up a Bingo game with things they know that he’ll say or do? The worst part is that once he knows about the game he gives his own sayings away again and again.


The gang decides to take the challenge of seeing just how accurate they can predict how Holt would react to eating a marshmallow. Somehow Boyle is spot on with his impersonation this time.

Freudian Slip

While questioning a suspect Peralta asks Holt if he got his last report, to which Holt replies that it was good work. When Peralta calls Holt ‘dad’ however the entire office suddenly takes note as the issue becomes very open and very odd.

Wife or Dog?

Scully is just way too ambiguous about whether he took a walk with his dog or his wife but it could lean either way. Personally the way he describes it I would think that he’s talking about his dog.


Boyle is not the funny kind of person that can tell a joke and be an immediate riot. He’s just not. So when he tries to push a joke past Peralta there’s nothing else to do but give the dead-eye stare. What else could possibly happen that’s not so insanely rude or mean?

Amy is late.

Amy is never late, so when she’s even a minute over being late everyone is of course interested to know why. Even Holt has to know and his reaction when they all find out would confuse just about anyone to be honest.

The Full Bullpen

Peralta doesn’t see having to stand outside the bullpen as a problem when it’s being waxed, he sees an opportunity. He’s about to do the FBP, the Full Bullpen. As he’s make his way across the room however the elevator opens and of course Holt is standing right there. Classic.

Amy’s gift

Since Holt doesn’t open Christmas gifts Amy’s decided to give him one that might not go over too well. You know, in a cardboard box, unlabeled, with crazy handwriting. Yeah, Merry Christmas to the bomb squad.

That’s how crazy this show is, and obviously how funny.

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