A Collection of Interesting Facts About Pop Culture Logos

How many symbols from pop culture can you honestly remember? It would kind of depend on how much TV you watch, how many movies you’ve been to, and whether or not you were a video game or comic book fan. For those of us that watched a lot of the current innovations making their way from nothing to something we tend to remember a lot of them. All I can say in reply to that is: go 1970’s!

You’ll see why.

It’s interesting to see that Marvel gets remembered more often than DC overall, especially since DC is so adamant about making their fame first. But if you notice on a one on one basis Superman and Batman are just unbeatable. Maybe that’s why the writers think it’s okay to beef up the characters until Batman can beat superhumans.

That train station platform must hold a lot of special moments for a lot of people if it gets remembered more than any of the individual houses. Maybe it’s the fact that a lot of people remember the Hogwarts sigil with all of them together, but even the Deathly Hallows symbol gets more recognition than the house flags.

Oh yeah, everyone remembers the ghost. Even the vaunted Harry Potter can’t stand in front of a classic, not this time. But it’s a little disconcerting that Star Wars is so far down, it’s actually under BiffCo for crying out loud. How in the heck did that happen?

This is where being a gamer pays off. If you’ve been around the block a few times then you know your symbols, especially if you’ve played even half of these games. Of course the further back you go the fewer of these you’re going to remember. But a lot of us that were growing up in the 80’s should remember Mortal Kombat with ease.

In a fantasy world of knights, undead, and warring houses that are at one another’s throats constantly, dragons are the big trump card that outstrips pretty much anyone. Well, anyone except an undead sorcerer I suppose. But poor house Tyrell, they’re one of the richest houses but the least regarded somehow.

This is all a matter of when the comics actually came out. As a kid born in the 70’s I can name all of these without fault and can remember reading countless comics that I absolutely loved. The 90’s kids might take this one but the 70’s are holding strong.

So this must mean that those of us born in the 70’s watched more TV? Maybe, but maybe it could also mean that a lot of this stuff was already on during our younger years or was making an appearance for the first time as we got older.

That’s pretty cool that Transformers is so far up there, but you had to expect that the Simpsons would be a widely recognized show thanks to its symbols. Why Krusty Burger is so memorable though is kind of odd.

No contest on this one. Anyone born in the 90’s or later is going to remember a lot more of these symbols by virtue of having been raised in a more technological age. Those of us that were born in the 70’s or before had better things to do with our time more often than not.

That’s right 1970’s kids, represent. Come on, I had to throw that one in for my generation.

It’s impressive how much people do remember to be honest.

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