Coming to ABC – Ty’s Great British Adventure

Ty Pennington, star of ABC’s Emmy-winning Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, has spent his summer break filming a feature for the British Channel, UKTV Style (Here’s a good interview with Ty). On Sunday, August 2nd, at 8:00pm, ABC will broadcast the special, titled “Ty’s Great British Adventure”.

The show centers around Pennington’s efforts to motivate and help argumentative town leaders and citizens of the small, sleepy seaside village of Portreath towards the goal of rejuvenating the park in the center of town. Somehow, I’m sure Ty’s enthusiasm (and bullhorn if he brought it over the water with him) will also rejuvenate the morale of the citizens of Portreath, who are facing a rough ride in these rough economic times.

This sounds just like the kind of summertime feel-good television we need! Here’s a clip of one of Ty’s adventures in Portreath – a visit with some farm animals…and an unfortunate encounter with a goose.


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