Conor McGregor Says, “I Am Boxing” and That He’s Gonna Shock the World

If there’s one thing that Conor McGregor does to his credit, he makes you wonder.  A guy that confident in his abilities at the least will grab your attention and give you the slightest “can he do it?” in your head.  And that’s exactly what McGregor did yesterday by making a few outlandish quotes.   Here’s the big one:

“What’s your name, buddy? You’re the boxing guy? I’M THE BOXING GUY. Watch me take over boxing. Trust me on that. No one in this boxing game knows what’s coming. Trust me on that, when I step in there I’m gonna shock the whole goddamn world. TRUST ME ON THAT. Look me in the eyes. 28 years of age, confident as a m**&^^%. Long. Rangey. Dangerous with every hand. I’m gonna stop Floyd and you’re all gonna eat your words.”

I will say there were a few more expletives in there and you get the point.  I admit the kid’s gusto but let’s go back to what I’ve been saying all along here.  I think McGregor is going the wrong direction.  Instead of talking trash that you’re going to be the next great boxer (which I assume he’s saying because he wants bigger pay days as a boxer?) you should be bashing Mayweather for how easily you’d drop him in a “real” fight.

Instead this is going to shake out like Tim Tebow’s comeback.  Nothing wrong with trying and I admire the spirit but it’s a matter of logic.  When you haven’t done something, like ever, and the guy you’re facing has been doing it his whole life, it’s a little far fetched to think you’re going to win.  Granted McGregor is a “fighter” but he’s not all boxing.  Sure it’s in his repertoire but come on folks.  Do we really think he can win?  One guy that sure as hell thinks so is Conor McGregor.

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