Conspiracy Theory about Adele and Sam Smith is Pretty Funny

Conspiracy theorists must really have nothing better to do if they have to compare Adele to Sam Smith. It’s kind of funny to think that anyone would mix the two up and mistake them for each other, but then again a lot of conspiracy theories are pretty funny when you really get down to the brass tacks that hold them together. Or is that spit and bubblegum? Really, that seems to be how some conspiracy theories are constructed since they’re so thin that they couldn’t hold a thimble’s worth of water. Trying to compare these two in terms of musical talent isn’t hard, but stating that they’re the same person is enough to make a person slap their palm to their face and ask “what are they thinking now?”.

Hollywood is no stranger to conspiracy theories and anytime anyone finds something to latch onto you know it’s going to be the talk of the town for at least a couple of minutes if not longer. If it takes hold in the public consciousness then it might last even longer and become the focus of an article or ten that go out on the internet to make a fool of those that are implicated by the words. Oh, wait….

So let’s lay it down right now. Sam Smith and Adele are not the same person, but someone wants to pop off at the mouth and say that they are because of reasons whatever through who cares. Looking at them closely you’d be able to laugh and say that of course they’re not. But wait, they don’t show up at the same award ceremonies? Holy Clark Kent Batman, say it ain’t so! You mean they might have other things to do at different times?? That must mean something because nothing happens in Hollywood or anywhere else without meaning, right? These are the moments when I seriously want to close my eyes and then open them to find out it’s all been a giant gag that conspiracy theorists are trying to pull on the public with a giant HA HA banner waving proudly across the internet. But nope, it goes into a little more detail.

Apparently if you slow down Adele’s music she sounds JUST LIKE Sam Smith. But wait, if you speed up Sam Smith’s, shouldn’t he sound just like Adele? He doesn’t? Well I’ll be, you mean that theory was blown to pieces? Who could have guessed that such a thing would happen? Wait, do yourselves a favor and run those records backwards just to make sure that they’re not secretly telling you to worship the devil and do his nefarious deeds, just in case. Anyone that was born in the last thirty to forty years should be able to get that joke.

Okay conspiracy theorists, time to come up with something new since this one just doesn’t hold the weight of the opinions being made and the joke isn’t quite funny enough to push that much further. It’s amusing though, I’ll give it that much.

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