Constantine Season 1 Episode 2 Review: ”The Darkness Beneath”


This week’s episode of the new DC TV show Constantine was a lot stronger than its pilot with the introduction of Zed Martin (Angélica Celaya) as the new female lead.

First of all, how awesome was that opening title sequence? I loved the usage of flames and demons in it along with Bear McCreary’s score (which is phenomenal) and I’m glad they didn’t keep with the one from the pilot. I’m a sucker for good opening sequences on TV so pardon my fascination for it.

I really can’t stress enough how pleased I am that they did cut Liv’s character from the show and gave us the awesomeness that is Zed. Even though I have read a single panel with her in the comic books (or for that matter, a single panel of a Hellblazer comic), I’m completely hooked by her. Her chemistry with Matt Ryan was outstanding and she kind of fits in within the group of John, Chas and Manny where it’s all sassy and cocky.

I enjoyed that the Zed we see here is someone who isn’t in full control of her powers yet and that is basically an origin story for her. Clearly the John Constantine we have here has already been established so I like how he was able to help her through of connecting with her psychic powers. That is an arc that I look forward to see more of as well as their dynamic. You can tell immediately that these two will have some romance between them, the question is just when.

The demon of the week was these miner spirits protecting the miners inside, but when someone was summoning to the surface, they made those spirits start attacking miners instead. I’m not sure if they actually had a name, but if they did, I completely missed during both the viewings of this episode. I like that we didn’t get a perfect look of them and that they remained a mystery in terms of their appearance.

Now did anyone notice that John kept bringing up a darkness that is rising? I’m sensing that it’s either hinting at the main villain of the season or at least the main arc for season 1. Manny talked about it last week and this week John was the one who kept bringing it up a lot. So far the producers haven’t hinted at what this darkness is so I guess we will have to find out in the next few weeks.

To me it felt like the writers and producers knew a lot better what they wanted to do with the show compared to the pilot. Even though I was someone who really enjoyed it, it did feel like it was several drafts of that first script that became one and it was a little all over the place. But now, with the addition of Zed and a better pacing, this episode was very easy to follow and I think if they can keep it up like this, Constantine will be a stellar show.

Constantine airs on Friday nights, 10/9c on NBC.

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