The Cost of Living of “Stranger Things” Vs Today

Does anyone remember what the cost of living used to be? Back in the 1980’s you were rich if you had millions, which is much the same today. But if you had a hundred dollars to your name at any given moment you were doing pretty good. Now you’d be lucky to be able to go to a dinner and a movie with a date depending on where you ate and what theater you used. The expenses of back then can’t possibly add up to what they are now, but let’s see what we can come up with.

OppLoans crunched the numbers and found how much it would cost to live in Hawkins, Indiana in 1983 vs. today. Because Hawkins is a fiction place they used Fort Wayne, Indiana as a close reference.

Blonde wig

In 1983 this wig would have cost about $6.39, but in this day and age it would be about $15.76, close to double the price. For fake hair that seems kind of costly. Even if it were real that’s still a pricey rug.

Pink dress

By 1983 prices this dress would have been about $15.82, but given that almost everything you see today is by a famous designer or someone that just wants double the amount it’s worth it would be $39. How in the world is the same piece of fabric worth that much?

Walkie talkie set

In 1983 this set would have gone for around $32.77, which was kind of expensive. Today, mostly because these things are close to being antiques thanks to WiFi and other inventions, this set would be about $79.99. Because when you’ve got a cell phone that outperform a walkie talkie on almost every level it makes more sense to carry something that fits in your hand instead of something that’s like holding a technological brick.

Millennium Falcon toy

In 1983 this big hunk of plastic shaped in the form of a favorite space ship went for around $15. I remember that being big money to a kid at that time. But as of now it’s around $150 dollars, which is too much for a toy in my opinion unless it could hover on its own.

Christmas lights

Since we’re approaching the season this is something that’s actually pertinent. A box of lights back in 1983 cost about $10.51, and depending on where you go today the cost might average around $25.65 for that same box. The worst part is they might work for a season and then quit on you.

Average household income

In 1983 if you made around $25,860 a year you were doing good. That’s considered poverty level at this point since the average income is now $63,120. That’s a pretty heft average.

Kid’s bike

Back in 1983 a lot of kids still got out and did things instead of sitting inside. A bike back then cost around $68.96, which was a big cost. Now that same bike will cost about $169.99, well over double the original price.

D&D set

D&D has never been cheap no matter when it was played. Back in 1983 the set cost about $11 versus the $26.84 average we have today, which is VERY conservative. That’s the cardboard cutouts and the bare bones set with the rules and nothing else. If you really want to know what it costs you’d better be ready to give up a few months salary.

Comic book

In 1983 a comic book was only about $0.60 cents, but now they want about $2.99 for a comic book that features way more ads and less story. Yes, it’s a ripoff for a story that you have to spend a fortune on to finish.

Atari system

Even back in 1983 these were insanely expensive. They ran for about $199, and despite the fact that Atari is only still around because it got bought up, the system that features it is now around $495.44. And that’s usually without the games and accessories.

1,500 pounds of salt

It’s nice to see that something hasn’t gone up too drastically. This much salt back in 1983 would cost about $6.39, and would only be about $15.76 today. It’s a big hike, but it’s still getting more for the dollar.

Eggo waffles

These frozen delights were only about $0.82 cents in 1983 and are around $2.00 today.

So it seems very lopsided when taking in how much things cost, but you also have to realize that a lot of people make more today than ever before.

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