What is This Crazy Latest Obsession with Stan Lee’s Blood?

It’d be nice to know just why someone has gone so dark as to be obsessed with Stan Lee’s blood. For some reason and somehow Stan Lee was the unwitting donor of several vials of blood that were then mixed into an ink solution and then used to stamp several comic books that were due to be sold lauding his contribution. Take a moment to let that sink in. They were going to sell COMIC BOOKS STAMPED WITH INK MADE OUT OF HIS BLOOD. That is beyond creepy and more than a little morbid. Chances are that if he did have anything wrong with his crimson fluids it wouldn’t transfer to anyone buying the comics after being mixed and diluted in the ink, but it’s still disturbing. The man’s already given enough to the company throughout his many years, was this really necessary? The answer is ‘of course not’ but the minds of some people are truly messed up if they think that this kind of contribution would be allowed or even worth that much.

That however is a subjective matter since some collectors are so over the top nuts that they’d give just about anything to have a comic with the blood of Stan Lee adorning the cover. There’s not a price out there that some people wouldn’t gladly pay if they could in order to have this kind of macabre relic in their home, which is beyond horrifying no matter how little of him they would actually get. It’s one thing to get an autograph, which would be awesome, and a picture, which is even better, but meeting the guy and being able to shake his hand and talk to him for a bit would be the ultimate honor that a fan should ever expect. Taking his blood is just, wow. Really, that’s about the only word that really covers the act at this moment is ‘wow’.

It’d be nice to say that this is a delayed April Fool’s joke but since we’re a few days removed from it that’s not entirely feasible. Thankfully the comics were removed from the shelves and hopefully destroyed, though it doesn’t seem wise to hold your breath on that one. After all since Stan Lee is who he is there’s a good chance that someone who condemns this act would still find a way to make a profit off of it to the right people. It’s usually hard to think of stories being destroyed for any purpose, but in regards to Lee’s privacy and the necessity of keeping his dignity it would be best if the books were simply tossed in the incinerator and never thought about again. This man is in his 90’s and people have been steadily picking him apart lately, this is just one of the weirdest and most disturbing instances to come along as of yet, but hopefully it’s the last.

The need to idolize someone is great, but to take something that no one in their right mind would give up is just flat out insane.

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