Criminal Minds 5.10 “What Happens at Home” Review

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve been given a new episode of Criminal Minds, and tonight it returned with a solid episode. Let’s stop arguing about “beam me up, Scotty” and take a look at the episode.

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What does the BAU team face this week? A killer inside a gated New Mexico community is targeting and killing women. Knowing how difficult the case is, they enlist some outside help, namely Agent Ashley Seaver, (played by Rachel Nichols) an FBI cadet with a relevant and haunting past. How haunting? Her father was a serial killer known as the Redmond Ripper and was responsible for killing 25 women.

The team (along with Agent Seaver) travels to New Mexico, where they find the unsub’s profile fits almost every single male in the complex. Agent Hotcher wasn’t necessarily counting on Agent Seaver to help them, but in a case this difficult any potential help was welcome, especially considering who her father was. They set up a meeting that night at the church inside the community and encourage all residents to attend. Agent Hotcher’s advice is to tell people that they’re looking for someone who saw something, not someone who did something; no one believes their friends and neighbors are capable of such grisly acts. and during the meeting another murder occurs.

Agent Seaver was instructed not to do anything without a member of the team. She disobeys this order and ends up finding herself in life-threatening trouble in the home of the killer, Drew Jacobs. I found this to be extremely predictable. However, the fact that she was held at knifepoint with Jacobs’ daughter Heather in the room made it work. She insisted that he not kill her in front of his daughter because she’d always remember it. “My father was like you,” she tells him. “He was like you. He was a serial killer. I know how tired you are. I know how exhausting it is. I saw how desperately he wanted to be different.” Jacobs took her words to heart, as he was unable to hurt her in front his daughter, and showed remorse when he asked Seaver if she hated her father. However, Hotcher was forced to shoot and kill him when he refused to drop the knife and charged at him.

Welcome back, Criminal Minds. I missed you the last two Wednesday nights.

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