Criminal Minds Preview – Robert Knepper Guest Stars (Photos/Promo)

Robert Knepper is a busy boy lately. A few days ago we reported that he’ll be reprising his Prison Break role as “T-Bag” in the new A&E series, Breakout Kings. He’ll also be making a guest appearance on tonight’s episode of Criminal Minds.

Fancast’s Matt Mitovich spoke to Knepper about his Criminal Minds appearance. According to Matt, Knepper will play “the son of a bitter former movie star played by Sally Kirkland. In that role, he targets pretty young things, sending Hotch and the BAU team on a spine-tingling manhunt.” Matt also asked Knepper a few questions about his character:

I’ve seen your ‘ėCriminal Minds’episode and I guess ‘theatrical’would be a good word to describe it.
[Laughs] Well, yeah. That makes sense considering the nature of Sally Kirkland’s character, my mother.

This guy is no run-of-the-mill ‘momma’s boy,’though.
You know, the first conversation I had with the director was, ‘How can we make this guy also virile? How can I make him a strong guy and not just a momma’s boy? ‘It was all about finding the right combination of ‘well-trained, well-mannered, well-educated young man who loves his mother’and ‘Ohhhh, you picked the wrong person to mess with.’

I was going to say, your final scene had to be among the most powerful ó if not strangest ó you’ve done in your career.
Yeah…. It was a really emotional and creepy, but hugely cathartic. I think I saved well over $1,000 in therapy costs by doing that episode.

Below are promo photos from CBS for tonight’s new episode of Criminal Minds and a promo for the episode.

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