The Curse of Oak Island Season Five Premiere: Look Back at the First Four Seasons

The exciting first episode of Season 5 of the Curse of Oak Island just aired. As loyal fans know, the series has been long on theories and short on discovery moments, with plenty of speculation thrown into the mix. There are a few theories which have continued as threads throughout the seasons, with finds here and there to point toward them. Explaining the mysteries of Oak Island has been a process of gathering the finds, and the threads, and simply presenting them for consideration.

The Lagina brothers have spent hours considering various intellectual theories about the island. They have explored historical evidence, modern myths, and educated guesses. For this reason, the theory brought forth by Norwegian writer and film documentary film maker Petter Amundsen is substantial. The Lagina brothers have followed Amundsen’s work for more than a decade.

Here’s a TEDx Talk with Petter Amundsen about his work with mysteries he’s found in the works of Shakespeare:

Amundsen traveled to Oak Island to explain his fantastic theory. Amundsen believes that the works of William Shakespeare hold the keys to the Oak Island mystery. He methodically describes hidden codes and maps in Shakespeare’s writings which point the way to Oak Island and its treasure. Amundsen created a documentary about his ideas which is called Shakespeare: The Hidden Truth. Included are some unorthodox premises:

  • The clues and codes to discovering Oak Island’s treasure are found in Shakespeare’s writings.
  • The decoded texts lead to the Cygnus Constellation, which points to Nolan’s Cross on the island.
  • Nolan’s Cross may have the Tree of Life symbol hidden within its geometric points.
  • The ancient Tree of Life symbol was adopted by the Knights Templar and the Rosicrucian Order.
  • Shakespeare’s The Tempest includes the word Mercy and Amundsen believes that this word (a significant Templar concept), and geometric lines which intersect it, show that The Golden Menorah from the Temple of Solomon was brought to Oak Island. 

Season 1, Episode 4: The Secret of Solomon’s Temple

  • 5:20 Petter Amundsen arrives on the island and reveals his theory

Amundsen’s theory is put to the test in this episode; as the team seeks out the stone markers to prove his assertions. As is typical of Oak Island attempts, nothing conclusive is discovered. But the Lagina brothers promise to continue their search for the Mercy stone which Amundsen believes is the gateway to an underground treasure vault. Rain and Amundsen’s time constraints cause a standstill to this line of exploration, but it is one of the most fascinating of the series’ theories.

Season 1, Episode 1: “Once In, Forever In”

The team discovers an antique Spanish copper coin. They have a coin expert clean it to learn its date. After an hour wait, the coin reveals its astonishing, though faint marks. The expert believes it is dated from 1652. The coin causes increased interest in the treasure search.

Season 2, Episode 5: “The 90 Foot Stone”

In this episode, the Lagina brothers consider that a coin they’ve discovered may have a Templar cross engraved on its surface. A team member, who happens to be a Mason, tells the Laginas that the Templars served as the first bankers, creating the services and functions which ultimately developed the modern-day banking system. The brothers include the Templar theories as significant to their treasure hunt.

Season 3, Episode 8: “Phantoms of the Deep”

The team hopes for a breakthrough discovery using sonar; searching under water off the island’s southern shore. They discover a triangular shaped stone. It’s pointing straight toward the location of a triangle of stones, which point toward the original Money Pit.

In the next series episode, they dive for the triangular rock, and have the diver mark its location. The diver finds a second triangle rock pointing toward the Money Pit. These curiosities add to the various items considered to be markers leading toward island treasure.

Season 4, Episode 15: Blood is Thicker”

The team finds what is deemed to be the most important item found on the island to date. The season had already been filled with dubious findings and increased speculation over various theories. Highlights included:

  • A thin piece of metal containing a square hole is found.
  • A sail cloth needle is found in the muck removed from GAL 1.
  • Joan and Jean McGinnis bring some of their sister Joyce’s ashes, entombed in glass, to bury in the McGinnis foundation.
  • The McGinnis cross is said to have once contained emeralds.
  • The swamp spike is a finishing nail from a 1500s Spanish galleon.
  • GAL 1 produces wood, a sheet of bent metal, a metal corner plate with eight holes, a washer and nuts.
  • The gold coin is identified as a British uniform button.
  • The corner plate is part of a treasure chest, and repurposed from a ship.

At the episode’s end, the team declares victory, based on the various findings. They plan to return to the island the following year to explore the swamp, the Money Pit, and Smith’s Cove. Looking forward to Season 5, fans are:

  • Fans hooked with treasure hunting fever
  • Discouraged viewers who believe the show has been devoid of substance
  • Disgruntled viewers who quit watching the show, and plan to watch again only if real treasure is found

What do these five moments mean to loyal fans? The best statement so far may be that the true treasure of Oak Island is the Lagina brothers. Why? They’ve taken on their quest creating a family of seekers. Their one end goal of preserving the island and ultimately returning it to a state of natural existence is admirable. If achieved; it could be awesome.

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