The Cute Reason Hayao Miyazaki Came Out Of Retirement

I usually don’t use the terms “adorable” and “cute” to describe men since, being a man it seems a little awkward at times, but noted director Hayao Miyazaki is apparently coming out of retirement for a very touching reason, and that’s to make another movie that is supposedly going to be dedicated to his grandson. Miyazaki hasn’t released a film since 2013 and this seems to be a way to tell his grandson that he will be moving on one day and he will be leaving this film behind as a part of his legacy, dedicated to family. It’s a kind and very warm-hearted gesture that goes to show that people in show business are just people after all, not the cold-hearted cynics that some might make them out to be.

Miyazaki has been into animation since he was a child, though he was never all that great at drawing people. He could draw inanimate objects like no one’s business however, even if regular figures escaped him. His career has spanned for decades and up until his retirement had seen him become one of the most affluent directors of his generation. When he retired people were not notably upset but his presence was missed.

He has a very strict manner about him when it comes to anime. It’s been seen that he can’t really stand how people draw other people in anime simply because it doesn’t seem all that realistic. Being an authority on the subject for so many years it’s easy to see why he would say such things and why others would listen while others might bristle at his tone. The fact is that Miyazaki has become one of the biggest names in animation largely because he knows what he’s doing, he has a certain way he wants things done, and he’s completely dedicated to his life as an animator, so much in fact that he often neglected his family on a regular basis as he allowed his work to interfere with his personal life again and again. Perhaps that is why, at this time, he feels it necessary to dedicate this next film to his grandson. It could be an attempt to make amends for what he didn’t do with his son back in the day.

For his own part, his son Goro has claimed that he did in fact watch the many works that his father created in an attempt to better understand him and get an idea of who Hayao was, and is. Perhaps in all those films Goro came to understand his father’s drive and passion for his work a little more, but there’s no doubt that the years that had gone by without his father by his side still left a bitter taste in his mouth. To date Goro has stated that his father is one of the absolute best in the business, but is still not the father he would have liked him to be.

Like I said, this could be an attempt on Hayao’s part to reconnect with his family in some way, before the years he needs are gone. His next movie is slated to be released in 2020.

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