Da Vinci’s Demons 1.01 Sneak Peek: Leonardo Spies Lucrezia Donati

Da Vinci's DemonsYoung Leonardo da Vinci has finally found a place he belongs on Da Vinci’s Demons. The creative and cultural mecca of Florence doesn’t have the boundaries and limitations that he’s used to, instead celebrating any and all things strange and revolutionary. It’s the perfect place for the blossoming thinker to test the limits of where his mind can go and what he can bring into fruition through ingenuity, perseverance, and enviable access to resources. Also within the Florentine city limits are people with whom he never would have had a chance to get to know, people he can learn from and aid him in growing into the man he would soon become. But even though Florence is all about expression and passion, that doesn’t mean he can do what he want with whomever he wants.

On the series premiere of Da Vinci’s Demons, Leonardo and Nico are walking in the marketplace, the former noting how different Florence is from what he’s used to – in a good way. Just then, beautiful Lucrezia Donati walks by, turning to look back at Leonardo before walking away. The burgeoning thinker, artist, and inventor had been summoned to the city by the Medici family to create an Easter spectacle, so going after Donati isn’t a good idea, considering that she’s Lorenzo Medici’s mistress. Still, knowing that she shares the interest, increasingly confident (some say arrogant) Leonardo has the motivation to make a move. Should he go through with it, though?

Da Vinci’s Demons stars Tom Riley (I Want Candy) as young Leonardo da Vinci, Lara Pulver (True Blood) as politically-minded seductress Clarice Orsini, and Laura Haddock (The Inbetweeners Movie) as Lucrezia Donati, lover of da Vinci and mistress of Lorenzo Medici. In addition, the show will feature the likes of Allan Corduner (Gladiator) as Leonardo’s mentor Verrocchio, Gregg Chillin (A Good Year) as founder of Zoroastrianism Zoroaster, and Elliot Cowan (Happy-Go-Lucky) as Italian statesman Lorenzo Medici.

The series premiere of Da Vinci’s Demons airs Friday at 10:00 following the series finale of Spartacus. You can check out a behind the scenes look at the show here, as well as trailers for the season here and here.

Is Leonardo wise in going after Lucrezia, knowing that she’s with Lorenzo?





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